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  1. Mike Schneider

    Member Gone West (Mike Schneider)

    I appreciate all of your kind messages, pictures, and memories. Our trip to Gaston's Fly-In was one of the best trips we ever took, and we so appreciated Diana's help with the arrangements, so that we could attend. We never forgot the interesting landing and the good company we shared while...
  2. Mike Schneider

    Tricycle Gear Maule

    The Maule has been sold.
  3. Mike Schneider

    Tricycle Gear Maule

    Diana, Those are great. Down sized in fine. Thank you. I attached several pictures to Petra in an email (panel included). Mike
  4. Mike Schneider

    Tricycle Gear Maule

    Diana, I would appreciate it if you would post the pictures. Thank you. Mike
  5. Mike Schneider

    Tricycle Gear Maule

    Petra, Yes, I do have pictures. Send me a PM with your email address, as I don't know how to post pictures on PoA as Steve did in "Gaston's '08 Arrivals and pics". Thanks. Mike
  6. Mike Schneider

    Certified Check

    Adam, I did not get a PM. I haven't received a PM in months and I think my PM isn't working. Mike
  7. Mike Schneider

    Certified Check

    Richard, it is getting close (I think). -- Mike
  8. Mike Schneider

    Certified Check

    When selling a plane that is going to be paid for with a certified check, what (if anything) does one need to do to verify that the check is legitimate? Thanks. -- Mike
  9. Mike Schneider

    Tricycle Gear Maule

    In an effort to keep this Maule from becoming a "hangar queen", I have reduced the price to $39,000.--. Someone is going to get a bargain! PM me for info. Mike FL 850-877-2920 Please call during daylight hours, as I am sick. Thanks.
  10. Mike Schneider

    Tricycle Gear Maule

    Grant, the payload on my Maule is 529 pounds. The compressions are in the 70s. The factory says the fuel burn is 9 gallons per hour, it is really 10 gallons per hour. Note that it has the mogas STC. This is a 2000 TBO engine. The guy in the hangar next to mine took his O-360 to 2800 hours...
  11. Mike Schneider

    Tricycle Gear Maule

    Yes, Diana, this is the Maule that Susan and I flew to Gaston's. That was a fun trip!
  12. Mike Schneider

    Tricycle Gear Maule

    The Maule has been sold.
  13. Mike Schneider

    “Go Fly America” is coming to an end

    Nick, thanks for inventing the ConUS Challenge. What a good idea! Thank You! Chip, thanks for the super web site. There are things on the web site that I have never seen on any web site. You always gave timely responses throughout the seventeen months. Thank You! Chip and Nick, I’m sure...
  14. Mike Schneider

    Good News - Border Pilot

    Thanks, Tony. I had made it through chapter 30 and figured I had lost out for reading the rest.
  15. Mike Schneider

    June 17, 1921

    I am so sorry, Spike. May she soar on wings like an eagle; may she run and not grow weary, may she walk and not be faint.
  16. Mike Schneider

    Spike's Grandmother

    Spike's Grandmother-In-Law will be on the Barbara Walters' Show! This Centenarian has already been to New York, and the show's film has been made. The only thing left to do is schedule when the film will be shown. It is my understanding that Barbara interviewed five folks for an upcoming...
  17. Mike Schneider

    Here we go again - status poll. Really, PLEASE EVERYONE VOTE

    "Server migration is underway. You are currently seeing the old PoA server." With a link. Mike
  18. Mike Schneider

    Server status check #2 (10/21) - please everyone vote

    "Server migration is underway. You are currently seeing the old PoA server." with a link.
  19. Mike Schneider

    Radio Problem

    The problem is that the tower hears a squeal when I transmit (either radio). So far I've cleaned the battery ground, pulled both radios and cleaned the contacts. I've listened on my hand held while a friend transmitted while switching the alternator on and off, no change in the squeal...