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    The Pilots of America Unofficial Hall of Fame, Troll Edition
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    Recording broadcast TV [NA]

    I have an iVIEW device that I've had for over a year now. I just leave a cheap 1TB portable SSD drive attached to it to use it as a standalone OTA recorder. The link is a newer version than the one I have.
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    Sub lost contact over Titanic

    It is being reported that a debris field has been found in the search area.
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    POA Goes Christmas Caroling

    Christmas and aviation.
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    Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio (minor thinking)

    Wheels would be one thing, but tire prices are crazy. Almost had to do a HELOC to put new shoes on my F250.
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    Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio (minor thinking)

    @Ted next project...
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    Lost another music legend. RIP Charlie Watts.
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    Field of Dreams game airport

    That was a good game.
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    RIP Dusty Hill
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    Help with KN62/64 DME Manual Frequency 0.05 MHz Increments

    Pull out the center knob and turn it to adjust the smaller steps.
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    And we lost another musician. RIP Charlie Pride.
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    Look at your pilot cert

    I believe it is the text from the speach Marion Blakey gave at the Centenial of Flight celebration.
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    Did you catch it ?

    So, will that be the norm going forward after one catches the flu or a common cold?
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    Coronavirus Memes

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    Article: Disinfecting a Modern Cockpit

    Came across this today where the NBAA has put out information on "Aircraft Disinfection for the Coronavirus". In also contains links to recommendations from various OEMs.
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    COVID-WTF Thread

    I'm so confused on what to do. The Rules (for COVID-19) a nutshell Source unknown 1. Basically, you can't leave the house for any reason, but if you have to, then you can. 2. Masks are useless, but maybe you have to wear one, it can save you, it is useless, but maybe it is mandatory...
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    Coronavirus hysteria is hurting every one.

    Yeah, the virus is bad enough to invoke a "Stay home" EO. However, it must not bad enough that the EO can afford to be delayed for almost 36 hours from the time it was announced before it becomes effective across the state.
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    Thinking about thinking

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    Lost a rock legend. RIP Neil.