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  1. RussR

    ForeFlight data updates

    FIS-B keeps adding more stuff to the ADS-B stream, and now includes TFRs and a whole lot of weather data, so I'm not sure what packing includes that isn't available over ADS-B. I'm not saying it's not a good idea to pack, I just don't think it's necessary anymore. I would welcome a website or...
  2. RussR

    ForeFlight data updates

    "Packing" is not necessary to have the current charts, IF you already have identified the appropriate states and type of charts you want to download every 28 days. It does download some weather products, TFRs, NOTAMs, fuel prices, etc., which you may or may not care about (and may already...
  3. RussR

    With the new ACS rules, is GPS alone sufficient for IR?

    Often it will depend on the definition of "easier". Figuring out where you are in space and time is definitely harder with VOR/ILS/ADF. But knowing the intricacies of a GPS or FMS (i.e. the buttonology and capabilities) is definitely harder than "programming" a VOR/ILS/ADF receiver. As I've...
  4. RussR

    Timing not authorized for defining the MAPt

    Could you give an example? I'm not familiar with this note, at least in the U.S. In U.S. TERPS, if DME is required for the final segment, there will be no timing table (or if the MAP is the VOR). But there won't be a note like you mention.
  5. RussR

    A new panel with only GPS navigation for IFR flying

    No, but this was a G1000-equipped airplane, so I just tracked along the R-265 until the (GPS-derived) distance said "39", which on the G1000 is always shown when you're navigating using VOR. Had it not been a G1000 airplane, once I was tracking out on the radial, then I would have set the GPS...
  6. RussR

    A new panel with only GPS navigation for IFR flying

    No, they wanted me to track outbound on the IRW R-265 to the 39 DME fix, then from there, go direct to the next fix on my clearance. A pretty basic IFR instruction, and one that is a whole ton easier to do with a VOR than with GPS.
  7. RussR

    A new panel with only GPS navigation for IFR flying

    My best example of this is from a recent flight where shortly after takeoff, I received the following instructions from ATC: "intercept the Will Rogers 265 radial to 39 DME, then direct XXX." Now there are numerous ways to do this with any GPS, but none of them are super quick. But what was...
  8. RussR

    cfi renewal

    My wife often complains about my "suggestive thoughts".
  9. RussR

    A new panel with only GPS navigation for IFR flying

    You've stated this several times so I guess you're pretty sure of it. If that's the case, why get an IFR rating at all? Seems like a lot of time and expense for someone who knows he's almost never going to use it. Would probably be easier to just plan around that one trip a year. I typically do...
  10. RussR

    Colorado Rockies Hitting Coach In Pilot Seat

    You're not the only one. The Rockies hit someone in coach? The Rockies hit their coach in the pilot seat? Wait, present tense, so they are actually currently hitting somebody in the pilot seat?
  11. RussR

    What have I done? Crazy old woman musings

    @judypilot I think it's great you're learning something new! Regarding barre chords, etc., I echo the previous sentiments of "if you can't get it, find another way to play the chord". Barre chords are great but sometimes it's easier to use another form of the chord, or one with fewer strings...
  12. RussR

    cfi renewal

    I think some of you are being either a little harsh to the OP, or not reading between the lines in the post. I read his situation as he got his AGI 50 years ago, but hasn't taught or flown in a long time (perhaps most of those 50 years?) and is looking at how to get back into it. Yes, maybe he...
  13. RussR

    cfi renewal

    @Tools , this is the entire reg. It is what it is. To renew your existing CFI certificate via the checkride method, you either take a practical test for a CFI rating you already have (CFI, CFII, MEI, but more accurately called CFI-ASE, CFI-IA, and CFI-AME, which is somewhat important in this...
  14. RussR

    Military pilots favor gliders?

    This may not have been intentional, but the way your post reads is "I don't do anything to help with the operation of the club, I just show up and fly."
  15. RussR

    Airline hiring

    @TDunnies didn't say anything about not being an AC, where did you get that from?
  16. RussR

    Military pilots favor gliders?

    I'd suspect a lot of it is just the small sample size you're observing. The glider club you are at happens to have a lot of former military. Could be because there's a military base nearby, or a couple of military friends joined and encouraged their other friends to do so too. And the airplane...
  17. RussR

    Leasing time in aircraft to a non-pilot

    Probably a good 1000 or so of my hours are from flying other peoples airplanes for pay under Part 91. Everything from 172s to jets. There are lots of people who own airplanes to get them around to job sites, etc, who aren't pilots. It's been pretty lucrative for me, at least.
  18. RussR

    Jeppesen Logbook Grrr!

    So, buy a different logbook? Use more than one line? Use an electronic logbook instead? Or suffer.
  19. RussR

    2024 - Who is going?

    I am here volunteering at the SNF Radio station through Friday. Come on by and say hi! We are located just southeast of the sunset grill with the wooden deck.
  20. RussR

    Want to take off differently, any advice?

    I agree with you, but could see how someone who is technically current but used foggles to do so for years might not be proficient in actual imc. As you well know, some of the view-limiting devices in use really aren't very limiting.