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  1. wanttaja

    Why are Rotax engines limited to 150/160hp?

    My January 2024 FAA registration database shows that Rotax/Bombardier engines are installed in about 12,600 aircraft...that's about 4% of the fleet. This will include the two-stroke engines as well as the more modern 912/914 series. 228 have Standard airworthiness (not EAB, not Light Sport)...
  2. wanttaja

    Preview of things to come.....

    You mean, other than 6PC? :) Ron Wanttaja
  3. wanttaja

    Alec Baldwin shoots and kills cinematographer.

    They DID use real guns. That’s a gen-u-wine Lewis Gun this storm trooper is carrying…. Though, admittedly, they didn’t load it. And Han Solo carries a broomhandle Mauser…. Ron Wanttaja
  4. wanttaja

    Alec Baldwin shoots and kills cinematographer.

    "I never said that actors are cattle. What I said was, actors should be TREATED like cattle." - Alfred Hitchcock Ron Wanttaja
  5. wanttaja

    Aviation License Plates

    Thanks for the plug, but you are about 40 years too late.... :) Ron Wanttaja
  6. wanttaja

    Rotax vs. traditional (engine shutdown)

    My Continental doesn't have mixture control anymore, hence it gets shut down using the ignition. It does spin to a stop. Ron Wanttaja
  7. wanttaja

    I reported a taxiway incursion this morning

    My airport has a dummy coyote they set out in various locations to try repel the birds. And of COURSE it's the subject of numerous radio calls saying, "There's a dog by the runway!" Ron Wanttaja
  8. wanttaja

    Is Dan Gryder the biggest asset to aviation on youtube?

    Actually a massive trolling/moneymaking scheme. Ron Wanttaja
  9. wanttaja

    Why has Vashon sold so few Rangers, and will MOSAIC turn that around?

    Got curious about the typical lifetimes of GA aircraft. Took my 1998-2021 Cessna 172 accident database and determined the percentage of accidents for a given total time. Same plot over a shorter total-time range: There are about 2500 172 accidents that reported aircraft total time. Twelve of...
  10. wanttaja

    The "Royal We"

    Been flying single-seat airplanes almost exclusively for almost 40 years, and don't use "we." Might be because of a lack of poetry in my soul, might be because I consider the airplane something I wear rather than ride in. Richard Bach, in "Stranger to the Ground", doesn't use "we." Ron Wanttaja
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    The "Royal We"

    Blame Lindbergh. Ron Wanttaja
  12. wanttaja

    T-Hangar neighbor. WWYD?

    Midwest for "diagonal." Ron Wanttaja
  13. wanttaja

    Icon Spirals In

    Duplicate thread. Ron Wanttaja
  14. wanttaja

    US submarines leap forward in quietness

    One starts, "Once upon a time," and the other, "No s***, there I wuz...." ANY novel has to be drastically condensed to fit into movie length. A guy did a script based on one of my published young-adult novels and it was sad to see how much was left out. Adam Savage (of Mythbusters), in his...
  15. wanttaja

    [NA] Printing wall poster?

    I've gone the Office Depot route, and have been pretty satisfied with the results. The cost wasn't major (~$15?) so you could give one a shot and assess it. They do have "photo quality" paper available for these large-format printers, though I don't know if the Office Depot-type locations have...
  16. wanttaja

    KWVI Watsonville MId Air, Multiple Fatalities

    I don't see a 360 on the 45 being as much of an issue, because, technically, what you did was break off the pattern entry and come back to try it again. I wouldn't have any hesitation about doing that, as my airplane has excellent visibility. I might go out a bit further rather than make it a...
  17. wanttaja

    US submarines leap forward in quietness

    The story goes that the Naval Institute (who originally published the book) gave a draft to a retired submariner to get his take on it. It came back with big red "BS" on many of the pages.... There's a big advantage to writing books on subjects that you have never had security clearances...
  18. wanttaja

    KWVI Watsonville MId Air, Multiple Fatalities

    The ROW was written in an era WITHOUT aircraft radios being common. What you say on the radio doesn't matter. Would the CAA have believed that a plane ten miles out was on "Final"? Don't think so. There's an unfortunate tendency for some people to think that announcing their actions on CTAF...
  19. wanttaja

    What attributes do you think new MOSAIC compliant LSA aircraft should have to return General Aviation to 10,000 aircraft sales per year?

    Owned a Versa for about ten years. Really not a bad little car. Good quality; didn't have any major issues. However, it does illustrate the economies of scale. It was sold around the world (was actually a luxury car in Japan) and at its peak, they sold 100,000 a year in the US alone...
  20. wanttaja

    Ron Wanttaja

    I'm inclined to thing they aren't; the basic story is that SLSA airplanes suffer Pilot Miscontrol accidents at about the same rate as traditional trainers. I'd love a larger sample size; I've got about 417 SLSA airplane accidents compared to 300 C152 accidents. For the "Bounce or Hard Landing"...