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  1. Mooney Fan

    New Garmin 335 Install

    I just added a Garmin 335. The above is the track I get from Flight Aware.
  2. Mooney Fan

    New Garmin 335 Install

    I hope to make Sun-N-Fun this year so added needed ADSB for my C-150M. Had my second flight with it yesterday. Observing my track on Flight Aware I see the altitude and airspeed lines/graph are very jagged. The 335 I had in my Cherokee the lines are nice and smooth. The signal looks noisy. Is...
  3. Mooney Fan

    Delta pilot caught boozing the preflight

    Drunk Airline Pilot
  4. Mooney Fan

    Daily Pic

    The mighty Cumberland River and her fleet. Running south of R-3702 at Campbell headed for Cumberland City then on to Dover.
  5. Mooney Fan

    Daily Pic

    I like early morning flights.
  6. Mooney Fan

    What's Flying Like in Retirement?

    I retired 8 years ago at 56. Bought a plane in 2018 and have flown about 500 hours or so since then. Started with a Cherokee, then went to a C-140 and now a C-150. Just bumping through time going nowhere fast. A herd of turtles makes better way lol... As for your new found time, it will pass...
  7. Mooney Fan

    yet another first annual

    Picking up my 150 today after 2 weeks. First annual. R&R strobe flasher, repaired fuel shut off, corrosion X, replaced nose wheel/tire/tube etc. 5 AMU's
  8. Mooney Fan

    Daily Pic

    Took my plane in for Annual yesterday morning. Ponds galore Smooth as glass
  9. Mooney Fan

    Ceramic coating

    AeroColor used to own my 75 C-150 a few years back. They applied a ceramic coat to 25 year old paint. It looks really good and as others have said, makes for quick work removing bugs post flight.
  10. Mooney Fan

    Youtube Pilot and her dad perish in TN

    That explains the poor radio reception. Some of their coverage is sketch in middle TN etc.
  11. Mooney Fan

    Daily Pic

    Afternoon opened up so headed to KHVC. Short flight over to Clarksville TN. Home of APSU
  12. Mooney Fan

    Daily Pic

    The pizza never fares well on the flight home. The smell is unbearable so I cave. Interesting you mention Ohio Co. I was up with Evansville when I passed by there at 11:05. Is that your plane on the ramp? I was a 4500' with the Iphone
  13. Mooney Fan

    Daily Pic

    Uh oh..
  14. Mooney Fan

    Daily Pic

    Out for a run today. A stop at Rough River (213) then over to 2M0 Princeton for the best pizza south of Chicago.
  15. Mooney Fan

    PA28 down near Gainesville, FL

    Indeed. I remember some weather briefings by phone where he would say "VFR flight not recommended". I think there's value there.
  16. Mooney Fan

    Fighter Pilot looking for advice on the GA world

    Take a look at the Cherokee Six. If you can get it in the doors it will haul it. Although it would likely blowout the top of your budget.
  17. Mooney Fan

    Looks like VOR is back on the menu boys...

    As long as we have ILS and of course the VOR approaches I don't see them completely going away. Although I do have to fly a bit to reach airports that still offer the ILS etc.
  18. Mooney Fan

    Kill Devil Hills (FFA) Trip Suggestions

    Thanks! I think I'll take my chances and book one of the rooms close by and hope I can get a parking spot.
  19. Mooney Fan

    Kill Devil Hills (FFA) Trip Suggestions

    I'm not getting any younger and if I don't make the trip soon it may never happen So looking at making the journey within the next couple weeks before things get much cooler. I would like to hear some of your experiences like where did you stay? I see there are plenty of hotels close to FFA...
  20. Mooney Fan

    ForeFlight Now Requiring IOS 16 or Higher

    Thanks for the link. As for the lack of GPS that's fine as I just have the WiFi Mini-4 and use Stratus.