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  1. champ driver

    Enough jobs for the student pilot population?

    News flash, there's lots of good flying jobs out there besides the airlines.
  2. champ driver

    Cessna 140 Tips, Tricks, Habits

    It's been a few years but it flys like an early C-150, no bad habits, but with a tailwheel. Spring steel gear, just like the previous post said.
  3. champ driver

    1st Solo ever!!

    Congratulations young man!
  4. champ driver

    I need help. I want to get to 250 hours as efficiently as possible.

    I believe you're assuming the IFR training is mostly XC, it's not, most of it is local basic IFR training and then approach after approach. Any flying you do before the instrument training should be concentrating on accuracy in holding altitude and headings or airways in preparation for the IFR...
  5. champ driver

    Hawker 900XP on departure from Grand Junction, CO

    On the 800 series Hawkers all have a stick shaker and a stick pusher. The shaker is electric and the pusher is hydraulic actuated. The shaker is the stall warning and the pusher is the stall identification. There are no other horns or lights. The AP will disconnect on stick shaker activiation...
  6. champ driver

    Hawker 900XP on departure from Grand Junction, CO

    I can confirm the Hawkers are over built. This one had it's right engine shot off by a missile over Africa some years ago, it landed safely.
  7. champ driver

    VFR Icing

    That's not ice, this is ice.
  8. champ driver

    Emergency exit question - especially for Cherokee pilots

    They make canopy breaker tools just for this purpose.
  9. champ driver

    Owner produced parts - composite or 3D printing - contacts?

    I don't believe there's anything that forces you to buy a part from the original manufacturer or PMA parts producer. I've made lots of parts for my Champ, wing tip bows, all the wood stringers and formers in the fueslage. All of those parts are available from other approved sources. All you...
  10. champ driver

    Blue Angels

    Isn't #7 a two seater and used for media rides and such.
  11. champ driver

    Emergency Descents

    Yes, me in a Cessna 401 at 14,000' over NM in December 1984. A more experienced friend was flying and I was in the right seat since I had only gotten my ME recently with one pax in back. We think the fire started in the exhaust, turbo area and spread to a fuel line and fuel tank, it melted the...
  12. champ driver

    Who can give endorsements?

    I guess that Bubba with only a PP can give endorsements for tailwheel and high performance. I wonder what the regs say?
  13. champ driver

    DG knob

    Why don't you call an avionics shop and tell them what you have, maybe they have some lying around.
  14. champ driver

    A65 non-electric starter (what was it called?)

    I don't think McDowell has built any of those in decades. If you could find one on E-bay or somewhere else you would be pretty lucky. Info and photos here,
  15. champ driver

    Minniapolis MN. September

    Minniapolis is a small time western suburb of St Paul.
  16. champ driver

    ADS-B and Mod-C in aircraft cert’d with no elec.

    Your first drawing is a good simple explaination of Class B and the veil for normal planes. But it doesn't address the many planes that fly without an electrical system. Your second attachment goes more in depth into the entire reg (which most pilots don't even read) including the part that...
  17. champ driver

    ADS-B and Mod-C in aircraft cert’d with no elec.

    That drawing only addresses "normal" planes, and says nothing about planes without electrical systems. I can tell you that at the MSP Class B we normally fly under at least one of the shelves going into STP, and we sure aren't doing 180kts either.
  18. champ driver

    When have you declared an emergency?

    The latest was loss of oil pressure, shut it down in the mid 30's over the Rocky's, declared and landed at APA, Denver Centennial. The first was 1984 and a engine fire at 14,000' over NM in a C-401, didn't have time to declare, landed in a hurry, plane was totaled, no one got a scratch.
  19. champ driver

    Weird Looking Aircraft

    The Optica in the previous photo is regestered in GB. There was one in the Twin Cities of MN area for a number of years, maybe it's been sold by now. This was at the local fly-in at ANE a few years ago. N130DP
  20. champ driver

    FLL to EYW

    I kinda did that trip just this morning. FXE, Fort Lauderdale Executive to MTH, Marathon. Mine was probably a little higher, 12,000' and faster, 350kts.