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    I need a really good caption

    Well what do YOU think? Does it LOOK like we're there yet?
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    Citation Down - Indianapolis

    The identities of the people who died have been released:
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    Citation Down - Indianapolis

    Earlier they were saying it was a prop plane, but I thought I saw a jet in the wreckage. This is where I've been training for my PPL, but I haven't flown in a few months. I hope it's no one I know, although it's still sad either way.
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    Can GPS units become obsolete so that it must be replaced?

    Funny you should ask this now - there's a sort of GPS y2k bug about to kick in:
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    Go Pro Questions

    Read this if you are thinking about using one of those external mic adapters: (you might need a TRRS to TRS adapter).
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    spotting traffic using the 'lean' method

    I do it not because it shortens the distance but because it helps me to spot things that are hard to see. Especially if the windscreen isn't spotless.
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    Stupid Pop Star Tricks

    Lol if that worries, you, then don't read this whatever you do: Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names
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    Foreigner woman - Private pilot license

    I know this isn't quite what you asked, but you should take a look at this siite and read the FAQ section. If you're not a US citizen, you can't do any flight training other than a discovery flight until you've been approved by the TSA via this website, and it takes 7-8 weeks the first time you...
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    Knuckleheads in California try to self-deport pilot-trainee

    Maybe this is the problem. They should be encouraging them to speak it everywhere ;)
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    Non Resident Private Pilot Requirements

    Good point. I don't know, but I would guess it comes down to definitions. Whatever goes on during a discovery flight meets the FAA's definition of "training" as far as the CFI's privileges are concerned (I'm assuming this because my instructor logged my discovery flight time in my log book, but...
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    Non Resident Private Pilot Requirements

    No idea sorry!
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    Critique my Alaska/Canada survival kit

    I only skimmed the thread, so apologies if this has been covered, but I just wanted to make a couple of important points: You don't necessarily need a green card. If you live in the US on a non-immigrant visa it can still be done (you just have to jump through a few hoops). If you're just...
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    Non Resident Private Pilot Requirements

    He can do the discovery flight and ground training. If he decides to start training and gets TSA approval then he can log the discovery flight. All the official info on this is here. That is the website where you apply for TSA approval.
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    First cross country solo...and a big mistake!

    Well thanks for all the replies everyone, and since the thread is still alive I might as well follow up with some updates. You might imagine that I had learned my lesson, and I certainly thought so. But soon after that flight, I had my second cross country solo, and ended up with another...
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    Tesla Trolling

    Technology may not be faith based, but economics certainly is, especially with things like this. Just look at Tesla's capitalization and share prices vs their record of profilts if you don't believe me! There's a reason why they call it the dismal science. Regarding the technology, a lot of...
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    Tesla Trolling

    I'm curious to know where people who predict Tesla's doom think the fundamental problems lies. There have always been claims that electric cars just don't make economic sense, that it's all a big scam etc. Maybe that's true, but I don't believe it. Lately the criticism seems to be around...
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    New pilot struggling

    It might be worth getting a bit more specific about these issues to see if anyone here can help. You say you "finally figured out the different points" - what was giving you trouble? Was it just a case of remembering the names, or did you have trouble understanding where to make each turn etc...
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    What Are You Reading?

    The Gulag Archipelago. Also, FYP ;)
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    Study of motorcycle crashes

    When I started I was familiar with all the "common knowledge" about cars being the problem. Then I started ready accident statistics and discovered that over 40% of motorcycle fatalities don't involve any other vehicle. I started with the MSF course and at least half the people in my group had...
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    NA -Supreme hatred for Java

    The hard limits were there long before Oracle took over. They have lagged behind hardware for a long time though. I've solved a lot of running issues with 3rd party software by just increasing xmx to something sensible like 1GB. It's a bad feature imo; the hard limit should be opt-in instead of...