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    Fair Winds Brian Shul

    Blue skies, Sir. And thank you for your service and stories!
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    Next word that comes to mind...

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    Next word that comes to mind...

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    Next word that comes to mind...

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    L.A. weather

    Pic from today from Huntington Beach looking up at the Saddleback Mountains. Those peaks are at about 5,600 feet.
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    2023 aviation goals

    1) Fly more (or at least enough to get the engine oil to turn from golden to amber at a minimum.) 2) Go to places outside the LA and San Diego areas so I can have a nifty map with actual color in my signature too.;)
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    Absolutely sucks loosing a fur baby

    Truly sorry to read of yours and Mary's loss, Gary. But you gave her a forever home. We lost our fur baby, Louie, over a year ago and our hearts still ache every day. I love the quote from Will Rogers: "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."
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    Got “thrown out” of an airport today

    Wow. Not sure if the guy who apparently wanted to chat with you at the end of your video was the owner... but yeah, best to stay away.
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    Pilots of America Operations Fundraiser! (Ended)

    Not sure where we left off... 3rd Done? Thanks!
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    N/A: I bought a house!

    Gorgeous home! Congratulations to you and your wife! :)
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    Flying Eyes. Had Maui Jims before, but the polarized lenses don't play well with some (most?) displays. With the ear cup style headsets (as opposed to in-ear headsets like my QT Halos), the Flying Eyes sunglasses have been awesome as legs are thin and flexible. VERY comfortable to wear with...
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    [na] WiFi Home Thermostats [na]

    I've heard the same thing about Nest thermostats. I have a Honewell in my vacation / (future) retirement home and it's worked perfectly. (Note that I think Honeywell changed the name of the app to "Residio.")
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    B17 crash at Dallas.

    Horrible it occurred, even worse to see it. Wish I had not also. RIP Pilots.
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    Insurance 2nd year in a complex aircraft

    Wow, seems like GA aircraft get better rates than LSA. My LSA insurance this year was $2,194... that was the best rate after shopping around. Almost makes me think about going PP and moving up to a complex aircraft since rates are about the same...
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    I gave up... Selling the itty bitty airplane.

    Sorry to read of the woes with the Cessna 140 and difficulties with both airport and finding an A&P with parts available to fix the plane. May I suggest maybe looking for a used Remos GX? Those wings fold back toward the empennage and can be stored in a trailer. It's a docile aircraft to fly...
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    What questions to ask when buying first plane/LSA?

    Low wing is sporty, but the heat in a bubble canopy can be significant. RV12 and The Aircraft Factory Sling were considerations when I purchased my plane. If I were looking at aircraft today, another I would add is the Bushcat high wing. The Bushcat is quite affordable as a new aircraft (as...
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    Next word that comes to mind...

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    Tropical Storm/Hurricane Ian

    Best thoughts and prayers to all the Florida members! Stay safe!
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    Fairings wheels

    @meglin - I continue to send prayers to you and the Ukrainian people! My father-in-law is in Kramatorsk. Слава Україні! Героям слава!
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    Next word that comes to mind...