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  1. red4golf

    Anyone have experience with L3Harris School in Florida?

    We had Harris radios on our MRAPS in Iraq. I had them removed.... Same company?
  2. red4golf

    Anyone have experience with L3Harris School in Florida?

    With fingers in everything...
  3. red4golf

    Anyone have experience with L3Harris School in Florida?

    OK... How big is this company? My wife's uncle worked for them as a computer guy many year ago. In 2008 I took Personal Security Detail (PSD) training from retired Green Berets and Navy Seals that worked for L3, I'm pretty sure that I just received an email from them about training a certain...
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    Post Something Interesting

    aaarrrrggghhhhh!!!! I fly 2 planes that could be twins in every way except 1 thing... 1 has an AI in Knots, and the other is in MPH. My kids laughed at me when I tried to take off at 55 mph.. said I should stick to one plane..
  5. red4golf

    YouTuber on the 1500 Hour Rule. What Do You Think?

    As someone that has trained Soldiers to take multi-million dollar tanks out into the world and fire live rounds I ask a couple simple questions.... 1. was the rule created because people with less experience were used as evidence? 2. was there a study done on the quality of pilot that was...
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    Educate me on why this plane has not sold

    buy it, fly it as is, hope noting breaks, go to airline job, sell to next sucker..... When I was in Germany many moons ago we had a standard to be applied to cars being purchased from people rotating home. $100 per month you hoped it would last.
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    U-2 selfie with balloon

    Turns around a balloon... that is next level stuff...
  8. red4golf

    Latest iPad Pro Vs Air? - 2022 Models

    I went with the mini for the size. I had a larger iPad in the beginning but it was always in the way and if I wanted to get it out of my way, the only option was the seatback pouch. The map pouch near my leg was too small. The mini fits in a mount on the windscreen without blocking my view...
  9. red4golf

    How accommodating is Orlando ATC?

    Nope, I was VFR and simply meandering around sightseeing. Headed south, turned back because of clouds, went NW to see Disney, took photos over the in-laws place.... We were the perfect example of a VFR flight with no real plan but a lot of gas.
  10. red4golf

    How accommodating is Orlando ATC?

    Did it 2 years ago and had 0 issues. Was far more accommodating than my home Bravo in Seattle and I think the folks at SEA are great. Ask early enough, have the tower freq in standby and maintain heading and altitude as directed and you should be fine. Try to avoid the rush periods...
  11. red4golf

    the Turbo 182 is back in production

    I didn't start that way. I tried to talk to him for a bit and asked about changes to the aircraft, upgrades, etc. I can totally see where he would do an eyeroll and assume I was looking to bad mouth them but I was actually looking to purchase a plane. I was tasked by an organization I was...
  12. red4golf

    the Turbo 182 is back in production

    I talked with a Cessna rep a few years ago at a trade show. The display showed how much they care about our opinion and needs... It was 1 young guy on a stool with a banner that had a 172 on it. There were no pens, business cards, candy, etc..... I asked what the price of a new model (2015 or...
  13. red4golf

    Portapilot - Portable autopilot?

    I sent an email to see if I could tour their facility and learn a little more but haven't heard back. I'll be pretty busy but will try to visit with them after the first of the year.
  14. red4golf

    Selling my Mooney

    I never noticed much of a loss. I've always been in combat arms so that means a lot of night operations and after the initial light sensitivity was gone, things seemed great. Maybe it was just because everything was so clear.
  15. red4golf

    Selling my Mooney

    I think I was 33 or 34 when I had it done. It was my divorce present to myself and cost $4500 with life time tune ups for $500 an eye. Unfortunately the owner retired and the guy that took over ran the business into the ground.
  16. red4golf

    Selling my Mooney

    My LASIK lasted for 12 years before any noticeable change. Best money I ever spent!
  17. red4golf

    While the Monkey is stuck in Alaska, Marvin is filling in

    I am still in the Seattle area, and fly from both Auburn and Renton. I also have an office in Anchorage that I need to visit in the next few months.
  18. red4golf

    Happy Birthday!

    YAY! Thanks!
  19. red4golf

    Possible Dangers of Memory Flying

    Think of it like this.... Meat eaters are combat Soldiers/Pilots/Marines while leaf eaters are support staff in non-combat roles. It is just banter back and forth between service members.
  20. red4golf

    EPA targets lead in avgas

    We ran both JP-8 and DF-2 in our M1 Tanks. Between that and the other trucks that were always around, diesel exhaust became a natural part of the environment. By the time we were done with range time we would smell like cordite, diesel, and sweat.... drove my wife crazy in the best way possible!