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    Unable to achieve full power

    I know this is an old post. This caught my attention. If I remember correctly, this tube is approx 2" diameter. A 1/2" restriction will reduce the volume by about half. I have a '77 C172N with an AirPlains 180 hp conversion. The connection between the air cleaner and the carb box should not...
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    GTN 650/750 and iPad connectivity

    Likely if your GTN650 has a FS510 or is connected to a FS210, the bluetooth connectivity in GTX345 is disabled.
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    Equipment for private pilot

    If money is tight, don't worry too much about a high-end headset. After you get your license, the first thing you're going to buy is another headset so you can fly with a passenger. I bought a handheld once I started my instrument training. I use it every time I fly to listen to ATIS while...
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    Owner allowed preventative maintenance.

    It's a Cessna and I have the correct part from Cessna.
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    Owner allowed preventative maintenance.

    In Part 43, appendix A, subpart C, owners are allowed to replace any hose connection except hydraulic connections. Does this include replacing SCAT tubes and the duct between the air cleaner and carburetor?
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    New England to Oshkosh

    What kind of plane? Instrument rating? What is your starting point? I've done the trip a few times from NJ. The last time was KCDW-KCAK-KENW-OSH. I left late in the day and stayed overnight in Akron. I highly recommend taking the skyline route around Chicago. Each year I have multiple...
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    GTN650, G5’s, GNC255 upgrade

    The gnc255 is only connected to the GI 106. The GTN 650 is connected to the G5.
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    Practice Approach in to Teterboro

    I have to agree with this. KTEB might be the closest to NYC, but KCDW would only take a few minutes longer to get into the city. I assume the costs would be significantly lower at KCDW. If you looking for even lower costs, N07 (Lincoln Park) would be my next choice.
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    NYC area

    By public transport, NJ Transit buses run from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC to the Willowbrook mall which is about a mile from CDW. I think the bus is about $15 each way. Some flight schools at CDW will pick up from the bus stop and bring students or pilots to the airport. If they...
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    NYC area

    From NYC, it will be much easier to get to KCDW. There are multiple fight schools that will do flight tours.
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    Camp Scholler Tips

    I've used both of these this past year and during the bad storms in 2021: AmazonSmile : Canopy Stakes Canopy Anchors Beach Tent Stakes Heavy Duty Screw Shape 25 cm 10 inch - 8 Pack Orange Tent Stake for Outdoor Hiking Camping : Sports & Outdoors AmazonSmile : Orange Screw: The Ultimate Ground...
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    Camp Scholler Tips

    Don't use the little stakes that come with most tents. It's worth the investment to get longer, better holding stakes. I highly recommend ones that screw into the ground. It doesn't matter if you're in Camp Scholler or the N40, good tent stakes will help you survive a storm.
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    Folding E-bicycle.

    Has anyone looked into carrying a folding e-bike? I have a Skyhawk and I'm starting to look to find a bike that can be carried without removing the back seat.
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    Help me spend up to 165k

    I know a bunch of others mentioned this - CHECK THE INSURANCE on the various models that have been suggested. You may consider getting a plane that is somewhat less than your ideal plane in order to build time. Then once you have several hundred hours and your IR, you can look to upgrade. I...
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    Will King and Garmin 'talk'?

    I have a GTN650 connected to a G5 and a GNC255 connected to a King KI-209. All works great.
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    H2AD > D2J (plus GI275 EIS)

    I have a '77 C172N with an Air Plains 180HP upgrade. I love the 1,100+ pound useful load and the extra power. When alone in the plane, I will usually see 1,100 fpm climbs on standard days. I also have a Garmin GI275 EIS. You definitely want fuel flow and don't forget to budget for new...
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    Downloading data from Garmin GI 275 EIS

    Has anyone been able to download the engine data from a Garmin GI 275 EIS? There is no information in the manual and I've only been able to find various references online and in Garmin documentation that it can be done.
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    Engine guages modernization

    I have a GI275 EIS. I've mainly went with it because my stack is all Garmin and I've been pretty happy with Garmin and the shop that did the install. I was able to remove the fuel gauges, oil temp, oil pressure, ammeter, tach and EGT gauge. I like that it fit into my panel and I'm very happy...
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    Glass or steam?

    Partial steam with dual G5's and 275 EIS engine monitor. Great combination.
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    172 iPad Mini yoke mount

    I originally used a iPad 9.7" pro on the yoke. It didn't block the flight instruments, but I had to look around it to see the tachometer. After putting a GPS in the panel, I switched to an iPad mini mounted on the left side of the windshield. In the past few months, I added an extension that...