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    deep dish pizza, chicago area

    +1 for 1C5. Lou Malnatis is close - but you can also try Little Pops which is a short drive to Naperville. NY style and VERY good. Added bonus, if you need a doc after the food - Dr Bruce is there for you.
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    Any Hunters in Here?

    +1 for the Remington 700. You might look into the 7MM-08. It’s a 308 necked down to a 7mm round. Very flat, flatter than the 308, better range, and lower recoil. Incredible round - lots of versatility.
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    Student Pilot Solo Cross Country Overnight?

    May you? Should you? Sounds like you may, but it has some regulatory grey and some big ADM questions. As to the should? I find myself humbled often by how little I still know in (life, business, marriage, parenting, diving, flying) and have been doing all above for more than a few years. Good...
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    Anyone Here Scuba Dive?

    Same. Certified at 10 years old. First dive after certification, 80 ft wreck off of Pensacola. Parents were back at the hotel. No one batted an eye. Last summer, dive charter wanted to review my logbooks to “ok” me for a 100 ft dive. Master Diver with over 3000 hrs of bottom time, but sure -...
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    I've flown your airplane before.(?)

    Wow - this comment just brought back a flood of memories. Early/Mid 80’s, flying with my Dad out of RYY. No intercom in those days. He’s descending for what I thought was landing on 9 at RYY, but the mountain was on the wrong side of the plane. What the heck is going on? As we cross the...
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    Disney Perm Flight Restrictions going away?

    Exactly one time. Never again. Why anyone would voluntarily participate in that experience AND pay for the (dis)pleasure is beyond me.
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    Disney Perm Flight Restrictions going away?

    Yep. You are 100% correct. You’ll never account for everything, but that probably should not stop you from accounting for the things that you can reasonably account for. That applies to both the location comment as well as the altitude stall/spin. Running my checklist and briefing my...
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    Disney Perm Flight Restrictions going away?

    I need no law or regulation to prevent me from using a plane to do harm to others or property. Similarly, I need to law or regulation to prevent me from using a firearm to do harm to others or property. I would venture to say that is true of all in this thread. Equally, no law or regulation...
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    Does anyone remember...

    May want to try using DuckDuckGo with search operators. I stopped using G a few years ago. Find ddg is faster, better options for search, and for privacy - there is no comparison. Here’s a link with how the search operators work...
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    Cut ties and go with Part 141 school?

    For what it’s worth… It sounds like some of the pressure you are putting on yourself starts with your self assessment as a ‘high hour student”. I suggest you stop thinking of yourself as a ‘60 hour student’ and recognize that flying skills are highly perishable. You are, in reality, a 25 hour...
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    Monitor recommendation for flight simulation

    I use the LG UltraWide 34 in. I prefer it for work (vs dual monitors) but found it creates a pretty realistic field of view relative to an actual cockpit. More thoughts if you are interested: I agree with most of what you are hearing here. Sims can be useful, but the best time and money...
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    Life-Changing Bands (or Songs)

    Too many to name. If there is not a song playing in my head, it’s not worth getting out of bed. Here’s a few: Simple Man, Lynyrd Skynyrd Down a Hole, Alice In Chains Street Corner Preacher, Amos Lee Remedy, The Black Crowes Red Dirt Road, Brooks & Dunn (reboot version is fantastic) Stir it Up...
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    Trent Palmer (YouTuber Bush Pilot Channel) Suspended By FAA

    In my view, this is exactly what they are saying. They are not inventing some ‘other’ violation, they are specifically saying that they do not believe his intentions were what he claimed them to be. Therefore, if that be the case, his actions were not consistent with off airport ops and are...
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    Trent Palmer (YouTuber Bush Pilot Channel) Suspended By FAA

    I know I am new here, but does anyone really believe he was doing an inspection pass? Really? It’s like the teenager caught climbing down a ladder from their window at 2 AM who claims they are practicing a fire escape. There is a person like this near me. Every pattern entry is flown like a...
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    What are the advantages of X-plane 12?

    Nice thing is they make it free (and easy) to try. I have run 11 for almost 2 years. Primarily GA, but do like flying the Zibo 737 sometimes - just to pretend what it’s like to sit at the big kids table. I did a free trial when 12 first released, then again a few weeks ago. It is a full...