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    IFR training in non-IFR aircraft

    You can fly around under the hood with a CFII or safety pilot and log simulated instrument in it. Logging approaches, it sounds like no. I would be surprised if a DPE would do an instrument ride in a VFR only airplane. Every applicant I have sent to instrument checkrides has needed to show...
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    Seeking advice for son

    My son is 18 and is now currently flying full time. If you are self motivated, part 61 is much less expensive and faster. My son soloed at 16, got his private and instrument at 17. Soon as he turned 18 he did his commercial, multi, CFI and CFII along with a CE-500 and CE-560XL SIC type...
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    PPL student - unclear training 'flight plan'

    As a CFII, the "how long will it take" question is pretty common. Also the hardest question to answer. Of course I have a syllabus, but that is a list of tasks to master. Not how long it will take. Its not like everyone will finish after they fly each lesson in the plan one time. I have had...
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    King Air down, Marietta, OH

    E90 has boots and can carry a LOT of ice before it becomes a problem. Looks to me that his speed never stabilized on the approach, just kept bleeding off. I really doubt it was ice that brought him down. He overshot final initially, then let the speed decay. That speed decay plus some ice...
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    How much do you spend monthly/annually on flying

    I wish! My wife is a stay at home mom, and fortunately other than a 4k+ per month horse hobby, she is pretty frugal. No debt on any of the toys also helps free cash flow.
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    How much do you spend monthly/annually on flying

    Less than I spend on my wife and daughters horses...and we have a SR22 and a Champ. Best way to make aviation seem cheap is buy horses.
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    For Sale Zulu 3 Headset

    Sold! They are a fine headset. And I have recommended them to students many times. I just like the Bose better for my head. Planes range from a super loud Champ, to a Cirrus to King Air to Jets.
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    For Sale Zulu 3 Headset

    I have a Lightspeed Zulu 3 for sale with case. Only used 3 times, bought brand new from the Lightspeed website directly as a backup headset. I decided that I like the Bose A20 better after all, so i am selling these and getting the Bose for my spare headset. These work fine, but I personally...
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    Looking for buying advice. A need for speed in new plane.

    G2 SR22 with TKS, non Turbo. 170 TAS LOP at about 13.5 gph. Lots of options out there. For us, 4 usable seats and a comfortable airplane with great avionics it was an easy winner.
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    Hypothetical Trainer: IFR Certified Tomahawk

    Some people like the 440's - i HATE them. I would take a 430 over the 440 any day. I would even pay more for the 430 than a 440. Super clunky for IFR. Annoying frequency suggestions and you have to dismiss the menu, no VTF button, way to many steps to delete the flight plan and start with a...
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    Garmin Pilot vs ForeFlight

    I prefer GP. It seems to take less clicks to get to the information I need vs FF. Both are great, but my money goes to GP. When I have a student with FF and we are both trying to pull up the same information GP almost always gets the job done quicker. Maybe a few less features, but I also...
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    PC 12 Down off of NC Coast

    That climb at the end does not look like spatial disorientation to me. Usually spatial disorientation might include a climb for a bit, but usually not to that degree before a bank degrades the lift and it enters a descending spiral. I fly a PC12 NG and discussing this with another PC12 pilot...
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    CHTs running cold?

    Get a cold weather kit. Not good to run the CHTs that cold and especially don't do touch n gos with them running that cold. Cold weather kit reduces the airflow coming and and is super easy to install and remove on our SR22.
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    First few hours: How do I know I'm doing okay?

    Sounds normal to me. Its also normal for you to feel "behind" the airplane when things get busy. That will also subside with time. I also often see a learning plateau and a struggle with some more challenging things like crosswind landings at about your current time. So if you feel that...
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    C208 and Paraglider midair 12/21/21

    As much as I hate regulations, I do wish there was a way to see those things on a traffic system. Closest I have ever come to a mid-air was on an ILS into VPZ. Popped out of the clouds at about the FAF and just below and to my 1:00 at very short range was a paraglider. No time to react and no...
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    Know anyone with a Luscombe?

    Thanks all! Not 100% locked on a Luscome. Hunting any fun, solid, clean and affordable taildragger. I do prefer an electrical system and electric start. Beyond that I am open to anything (and that's part of the challenge narrowing it down). Ideally in the 20-40k range. Thanks!
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    Know anyone with a Luscombe?

    We are considering buying a low n slow tailwheel. Interested in a Luscombe. Challenge is that I have never been up close or sat in one. Does anyone know an owner of a model 8 in SE Michigan that might be willing to let us drop by for a look?
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    Why do they change clearances so much?

    At least it was only 3 waypoints. Couple months ago i was departing Allentown PA. Longest clearance I have ever received...and I nailed the readback! cleared to KMCD via ETX V162 HAR V469 THS V474 IHD V119 BURGS V144 FWA V277 ELX V55 PMM V193 LORIW then Direct. Climb 3000 expect 8000 in 10...
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    Help Me Pitch A Company Plane Solution

    CJ3+ would be great for the mission. Can fly single pilot, high enough at FL450 to get above the weather, does not burn a crazy amount of fuel. About 420/lb/hr/side. Save money vs commercial, no - not even close but it does give the employees greater productivity and quality of life being...
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    What other professions are okay with late-night messaging?

    24/7 for me is normal. Both as a CFII and in my day job. I have coworkers all over the world, so there really are no normal working hours or holidays or weekends anymore.