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  1. gkainz

    L39 Close Formation flight

    Fantastic, Bryan - thanks for sharing!
  2. gkainz

    Places to Fish in Colorado

    Stream or lake fishing? just off the top of my head near the Front Range... Boyd Lake just outside Front Range FNL Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain, Lake Granby and streams north of GNB Granby/Grand County airport, Colorado River to the west Lake Wolford north of 20V McElroy Field, Colorado River...
  3. gkainz

    LDJones Gone West

    So sad to hear/read this. RIP, Loren. I really enjoyed following his posts and progress. (Like DenverPilot above, I'm still around occasionally, as well). Greg
  4. gkainz

    Tapatalk login fails

    After a couple of days of Tapatalk refusing to login to nearly all my groups, yeah, it’s working again this morning.
  5. gkainz

    Anybody invested in Crypto?

    Anyone caught in the Blockfi bankruptcy process? Greg
  6. gkainz

    Missing person - Death Valley

    Hi all, I don't have a lot of answers and neither does my daughter. Her uncle is from Ramona, near San Diego, so originally reported missing from there, sometime around Sept 25th or so. His truck was discovered near Death Valley, as noted in the report. My daughter was told that search...
  7. gkainz

    Missing person - Death Valley

    I'm going to attempt to copy/paste from a Facebook post from my daughter, who shared a post from her aunt. ... this is my daughter's uncle. ----------- Facebook Post -----------------...
  8. gkainz

    [N/A] Moving to Denver Temporarily

    The state park pass wrapped into vehicle renewal Is an opt-out charge. But for those of us that use the state parks, it’s considerably cheaper. Regular pass is $80/year for first vehicle and $35 for subsequent. The senior annual (Aspen Leaf) is $70. I’m sure many will forget to opt out so the...
  9. gkainz

    I just started reading the last book of a series I began many years ago.

    I had the same feelings about the Clancy novels as expressed above. My latest favorite author is CJ Box.
  10. gkainz

    How do you carry mogas to your plane?

    I think there's a thread or two on here about that very thing ... didn't @Jay Honeck have one about building a fuel trailer? Edit - just did a quick search for "mogas fuel trailer" and got 3 pages of hits with multiple different threads, raining from storing to moving to fuel trailer, etc ...
  11. gkainz

    Where to retire?

    can you share that link? - edit: never mind - found it.
  12. gkainz

    Ski flying in Minnesota

    No, that would be NULL degrees. :) We had -10°F this morning ... I had to go dig in the closet for a MN jacket. Another 10° colder and I'll have to find one that zips up!
  13. gkainz

    preflight question from The Wife

    Don’t forget to wash the bugs off the spinner when you put the plane to bed, so she kisses a clean spinner. :)
  14. gkainz

    Finally made it to Port A…

    I thought he posted that they sold Amelia’s Landing shortly after the hurricane cleanup a few years ago.
  15. gkainz

    Name a book nearly everyone loves that you do not...

    Thanks! The Lone Star Law tv shows on Animal Planet is what prompted, in part, our current rv trip down through Texas.
  16. gkainz

    Name a book nearly everyone loves that you do not...

    I honestly don’t know if my preferences match or don’t match “everyone else”… As a kid I read every Louis L’Amour book my granddad, dad and uncles passed along … all the Sackett family tales and the spin offs. Everything that Tom Clancy wrote became birthday presents for me along with the...
  17. gkainz

    Finally made it to Port A…

    The back side of the sign I posted above does say “Aviation Themed Rooms” so I assume there are at least some left. The only thing knocking on the RV while it was rocking was the stuff that wasn’t tied down in the campsites upwind of us! Supposed to have a couple more nice days here before...
  18. gkainz

    Finally made it to Port A…

    Yep. My wife, being a SoCal beach girl has to have a beach fix regularly or she goes a bit stir crazy. We usually do Mexico but didn’t want to take our chances on getting stuck outside the US and not being able to get home without a vaxport. Last year just a clear test within 48 hours was all...
  19. gkainz

    Finally made it to Port A…

    But years too late to say “Hi” in person …
  20. gkainz

    Thinking about a Bus/RV

    Well that ranter would be correct. Eisenhower/Johnson tunnels are dug though the continental divide below Loveland Pass.