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  1. nddons

    Glasair Sportsman 2+2

    Thanks for reaching out in a PM! Yes, I checked my logbook and I have 84.2 hours in N380MF. It was based at a flight school at Monroe, NC (KEQY.). Great airplane!
  2. nddons

    Airventure Tips

    I'm not aware of any sort of shuttle. I'd just rent a car.
  3. nddons

    Airventure Tips

    Those are black flies. You don't feel the bite, but they draw blood, and will have a small oval red spot right away that will stay with you for over a week. They're by bodies of water, so Deet up if you are going to the Sea Base.
  4. nddons

    Get the colonscopy and my vent.

    I did the same thing. Two weeks after my last one I went to an outdoor shooting range on a hot August day with my daughter. She ran into the gun shop to pick up a couple of Gatorades and I didn't think and took a few swigs of the Lemon Lime. I thought I was going to heave. It's not really the...
  5. nddons

    IFR magazine

    I feel the same. I got one year of IFR Refresher, but dropped it. IFR challenges my brain and I always learn something new.
  6. nddons

    Opinions are like...

    Circuit Flyer, I'm so sorry for the loss of your mom. You have my prayers and sympathy.
  7. nddons

    Rockwell Commander

    I've been stalking Commanders for a while. That's the nicest panel that I've seen.
  8. nddons

    Spin Zone not gone completely

    I think we learned that that is called "leadership."
  9. nddons

    Another consealed gun question

    Is anyone here a member of the US Concealed Carry Association? Pros or cons?
  10. nddons

    Right rudder applied - Spin Zone gone

    Soldering. Big deal. You probably just pulled up a YouTube video on how to do it. Oh, wait.... :D
  11. nddons

    Another consealed gun question

    Part of it is the ergonomics of the weapon. My first CC firearm was a Ruger SP-101 in .38SP and .357Mag. I couldn't hit the road side of a barn with it. I traded it in for a Glock 27 and have used that firearm for PPC competitions.
  12. nddons

    Jets Tagged With Graffiti

    I see you've seen One Six Right? It's the only video that I have on my iPad.
  13. nddons

    Right rudder applied - Spin Zone gone

    Nope. The best site in aviation just ran off the edge of the runway, took out runway lights, and had a prop strike. It's probably a total loss.
  14. nddons

    This Amelia Earhart is a lot cuter

    That's a great idea. I just got John and Martha's Commercial course from my lovely bride, and the clips are the same as from my private and IR. John and Martha are great, but it is starting to look really "old."
  15. nddons

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, fellow aviators.
  16. nddons

    Should I replace my ADF?

    I think that's a good call. As someone from the Buckeye state, do you ever envision crossing Lake Erie to go to Toronto? If I recall Toronto has an NDB approach that begins over the lake.
  17. nddons

    Should I replace my ADF?

    I agree. You're either going to want a GPS or DME for your IR. If you can get a cheap GPS and still keep the ADF, then put an INOP sticker on the ADF for your check ride. ;)
  18. nddons

    Opinions are like...

    Thanks for the update, and best wishes to you.
  19. nddons

    Jets Tagged With Graffiti

    Why do YOU think it requires a federal solution? Federal solutions have brought us fenced-in airports virtually everywhere, even if the airports didn't want it, making airports, airplanes, and aviation even more inaccessible to the non-pilot. Federal solutions brought TSA outside of the pax...
  20. nddons

    Where is Henning?

    You're right. Many good threads had a wet blanket thrown on them with Henning's metaphysical bull****.