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  1. jbehler

    For Sale RAM iPad Aircraft Mounts

    Two setups I'm selling. First has the Tough-Wedge inflatable base, ball base, socket arm, and iPad mount. $100. Second is suction mount, ball bases, socket arm, and iPad Air mount. $75
  2. jbehler

    When does a leaseback make sense?

  3. jbehler

    When does a leaseback make sense?

    That only works in a declining interest rate environment or one with significant housing appreciation in which you could do a cash-out refinance but even then you are likely offsetting some cashflow from your rentals due to the higher mortgage amount.
  4. jbehler

    Mounting iPad in a C172

    Ram mounts are really good. There are a number of options...suction cup, permanent mount, and one (not sure what it's called) that goes between the seats and inflates to stay put then has a telescoping arm.
  5. jbehler

    Just completer my first Pilots N Paws mission

    Public benefit flying is some of the most rewarding flying there is. Bravo!
  6. jbehler

    KRSV leveled last night

    Devastating. Looks like a direct hit.
  7. jbehler

    Built in oxygen

    The oxygen conservers aren't cheap, but well worth it. No necessarily for the cost savings on O2 but also for the reduced refill frequency unless you have your own refilling setup or have a convenient option on the field. I've found the cost of O2 varies greatly...have paid anywhere from...
  8. jbehler

    Aircraft Logbooks

  9. jbehler

    Thinking about personal Wx minimums

    Are you asking for suggestions on the minimums (ceiling, visibility, etc.) or sources from which to obtain the weather information? The initial responses capture the latter well. As for the former, if you are out of practice I would start with an instructional flight with a CFI to validate...
  10. jbehler

    Cirrus for sale abundance

    That can be fixed relatively simply with the Tamarack STC.
  11. jbehler

    Cirrus for sale abundance

    I would think the 20-25% range would be when it hits in earnest, but remember being underwater doesn't mean sale is forced as long as buyer can/does continue to make payments. I would think that most aircraft owners have good credit and recognize the value of good credit so wouldn't just walk...
  12. jbehler

    Cirrus for sale abundance

    I would find it hard to believe any Cirrus would be under water. You need minimum 10% down and prices don't seem to have moved much from the peak. Anyone that bought more than a year ago is likely sitting on some additional equity from appreciation.
  13. jbehler

    PC 12 down in Nevada - 5 Fatalities

    Uggh...what a tough job that would be. Incredible seeing such a robust airframe end with that outcome.
  14. jbehler

    What became of Diamond aircraft?

    I did a fair amount of my primary training in both the DA-20 Eclipse and DA-40 Diamondstar. They are really great planes. DA40 is a solid value. It is 25-30 kts slower than an SR22, but also is much more efficient, has lower fixed costs (insurance and no CAPS), and priced correspondingly...
  15. jbehler

    (NA) Not happy with house price?(NA

    This^ Plus, the house may be fairly priced but their budget is below said price and they are trying to get a deal.
  16. jbehler

    How to transition from renting trainers to purchasing a larger plane?

    I agree with this. Moving from a trainer to a Cherokee Six isn’t that big of a change. In many ways it will be easier to fly. In my experience the size of the plane is far less important than Time In Type for a similar airframe (ASEL). Getting experience and comfort with the platform...
  17. jbehler


    My plane was based at DRO when I bought it. Had been there once before. It's different as it is not on the I-70 corridor so not as commercialized as other Colorado towns. It's also not a ski town as the ski area is a bit up the road. It's a walkable town with great views and activities...
  18. jbehler

    Three minutes twenty-four seconds.

    That's interesting...I would have imagined at 31F and 85%+ RH you wouldn't get CAVU conditions. But I'm no meteorologist.
  19. jbehler

    Mechanic shortage worse than pilot shortage

    $50 is probably low given the amount and type of oil that was required, but to your point I could have had an indy shop do it for maybe $100.
  20. jbehler

    Mechanic shortage worse than pilot shortage

    Maybe in the mid-term but unless the money is as good or better than similar trades we'll continue to see fewer and fewer A&Ps.