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  1. Adam Weiss

    Flying to Work

    Even with approaches, do you have any risk of weather delay? Icing? I fly a lot for business all spring, summer, and fall. But I fly commercial in the winter because I’m not FIKI, and I can’t afford to be a few days late.
  2. Adam Weiss

    Residents of Residential Airparks(?)

    Man, I think I got lucky. Our air park is a mix of aviation enthusiasts, who all have runway-abutting hangar homes, and lake-loving lake view homes. Everyone is bought into the lifestyle. Yes, most are older than me, but only by 10 years or so. There’s a mix of full-time residents and weekend...
  3. Adam Weiss

    I'm officially slow but loving it ...

    Congrats! May the giddiness never diminish!
  4. Adam Weiss

    How often do you fly?

    You RENT 170 hrs/yr? If there were ever a financial justification for ownership, I’m sure you have it!
  5. Adam Weiss

    RV-9 with Rotax 915

    For those that have been watching N179RV, the RV-9 with the 915 registered to Vans Aircraft, it looks like it’s almost arrived at OSH! I hope they’re announcing a FWF package!
  6. Adam Weiss

    Rotax 916

    When my O-320 gives up the ghost, the 916 will be a strong contender in my RV-9A. I’m really excited about it. I’ve been watching Vans testing an RV-9 with a 915 for quite some time, and the numbers look really good.
  7. Adam Weiss

    Bonanza V-Tail or Mooney M20x or ??

    I’ll take us down a rabbit hole. So far, it sounds like it would be a stretch to find a plane that meets all of your criteria. So, which of your requirements are you willing to compromise? If you’re willing to go over $100k, I think you have several options that fit the bill, as described in...
  8. Adam Weiss

    Turbo Failed at FL210

    Great job and thanks for sharing!
  9. Adam Weiss

    Stall training during PPL

    :-) Maybe if I had anticipated the stall and not stunk up the cockpit.
  10. Adam Weiss

    Stall training during PPL

    In 700 hours of flying, I had never had a "real" stall. However, this summer (and after almost 300 hours in my plane) I had two instances where I actually stalled on approach. It was exactly the same both times. It was a 1900ft runway, with no go-around option. I was flat and slow on the...
  11. Adam Weiss

    Lycoming o320 vs. Rotax 915: cost to own

    Untrue. They’re actively flying it. it’s getting fantastic performance from what I see. My hope is that they have a FWF package soon.
  12. Adam Weiss

    Residents of Residential Airparks(?)

    I'm building a hangar attached to my home...all one structure. The hangar is not considered living space, like a garage, so it doesn't affect my property tax. For insurance purposes, I'm using the cost to replace.
  13. Adam Weiss

    Night Flying is Magical

    I have never “liked” so many comments in a single thread before. Thanks everyone for sharing your beautiful experiences. I too love night flying, and feel a brotherly (or sisterly as the case may be) bond with all of you that marvel at the beauty of creation.
  14. Adam Weiss

    Estate Planning (retry without trigger words)

    Everything of value we have is in a trust: house, boat, plane, cars, everything. It’s just as easy to set up with your attorney. God-forbid if something happens to us, the kids won’t have to deal with probate or fight over anything.
  15. Adam Weiss

    Possible Dangers of Memory Flying

    A checklist has saved me several times. I have an aircraft with very simple systems. Most Vans folks leave their flaps down to facilitate entry/exit. There have been a few times I almost took off with full flaps. On more than one occasion I almost took off without my canopy latched. I've seen...
  16. Adam Weiss

    RV-9 with Rotax 915

    Or an air conditioner! There'd be plenty of weight allowance.
  17. Adam Weiss

    100th airport

    I'm in the same boat. I've been hovering at 98 for quite some time. Should I knock out 2 more, or make it something to remember?
  18. Adam Weiss

    Max Ceiling

    Agree. Just do it VFR. I tested my RV-9A to 17,500 that way.
  19. Adam Weiss

    Electronic pilot log books

    That’s what Flightaware is for. Between MFB and FA, I have everything I need for free.