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  1. FoCoJayco

    Haven't Solo'd, Sill Struggling w/ Landings

    I’m a student pilot also, just soloed 3 weeks ago. I had a hard time with my landings as well. At times I thought my instructor was going to tell me to hang it up as I was never going to get it. He’d say, “You’re still not seeing the picture.” When I was struggling, I came across this video...
  2. FoCoJayco

    Anyone Here Scuba Dive?

    Yes, we bought dive computers with integrated air (IA) but IA only makes sense if you have your own regulator. We didn't buy and don't plan to buy tanks or weights.
  3. FoCoJayco

    Anyone Here Scuba Dive?

    Congrats! Diving is an amazing hobby. My wife and youngest son are PADI OW certified and our middle son and I are AOW certified. We returned from Jamaica two days ago and 5 more of our family are now OW certified. For wreck diving, Advanced is worth it. For everything else OW is fine. The...
  4. FoCoJayco

    I just got back from my first ever medical, is this normal?...

    When I first spoke to my AME on the phone and explained my situation, he advised I would need to be deferred. During my exam, he went through the results and indicated the exact conditions for my deferral. He also referred me to the specific page on the guide for examiners...
  5. FoCoJayco

    Flight lessons- Once a week adequate- or waste of time/money for PPL?

    I'm a student pilot who just received my solo endorsements today. Hopefully I'll be solo this week (weather permitting). I started flight lessons last Oct and have just over 39 hours. Most weeks I'd take 1 lesson per week, some weeks I'd get in two lessons, and some I'd get zero due to...
  6. FoCoJayco

    Cessna 182T rental

    For reference, the flight school where I'm working on my PPL has a 2009 C172S with G1000 that is $180/hr wet.
  7. FoCoJayco

    Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs

    Use an InstantPot. They peel easy every.single.time. No idea why, but been 100% success for us.
  8. FoCoJayco

    Greensboro Nc fatal accident

    This article indicates it was an RV-12. “The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) tells Fox News Digital a single-engine Vans RV-12 crashed south of Greensboro Airport in North Carolina around 11 a.m., near the Guildford and Randolph County lines. ”
  9. FoCoJayco

    Non-fatal Cessna 152 Accident in Danbury, April 10 N757YM “A representative from the Danbury Municipal Airport said the plane was from a local flight school practicing touch-and-go flights. The tower had just cleared the aircraft for landing when they lost contact with...
  10. FoCoJayco

    I Have So Many Questions

    For ground school, I started with Gleim about 18 months ago, and found it to be largely a regurgitated version of the FAA books, with a ~2 minute video explaining the highlights. It was tough for me to get through. Long story, I paused my ground school for about a year, and picked it back up...
  11. FoCoJayco

    Time builder

    No one has mentioned a Cirrus SR20. One like this fits your budget. A CAPS reload would be required in 3 years and engine has ~500 hrs until expected OH.
  12. FoCoJayco

    Student pilot medical

    There is no separate "student pilot medical". There is only BasicMed, class 1, 2, or 3. You cannot solo without one of those. You can fly with a CFI while awaiting a medical. Once you get your medical and your CFI endorses you, you are eligible to solo and can fulfill your training...
  13. FoCoJayco

    3 year old SR20 - rental rate

    To reduce eventual insurance rates and build proficiency. Getting insured on Cirrus is very experience without TIT (still is expensive, but it helps). I hope to buy a Cirrus next year.
  14. FoCoJayco

    3 year old SR20 - rental rate

    That’s pretty good from what I’ve seen. I plan to rent from the first company while I build time after I get my PPL. I’m renting from the second one on a discovery flight with my wife and son next month. -> 2020 SR20 G6 is $315/hr + $90/hr consumables in...
  15. FoCoJayco

    2nd class medical issued

    Do you recall how long it took from the time they received your appeal to show “final review” in medxpress? I was denied due to a medical issue and had to wait 6 months to appeal. I have now submitted the appeal after the required waiting period, and am wondering how long I have to (try to)...
  16. FoCoJayco

    Cirrus for sale abundance

    In the Cirrus forum I’m part of, the largest Cirrus reselling agent stated this about current conditions recently (my emphasis): “Though supply of units for sale did increase 3-fold from its low of about 80 units in Dec ‘21, it has very much stabilized in the low 200s. At this level, supply of...
  17. FoCoJayco

    I went truck shopping yesterday

    Yeah, new vehicles are not cheep. Used are even more inflated versus typical depreciation. This won’t help given your budget, but Invoice != MSRP. For my vehicle (they will vary a bit), invoice pricing was 7% below MSRP. The offer I quoted is another 6% off that. For those willing/able to...
  18. FoCoJayco

    I went truck shopping yesterday

    If you’re willing to wait, the best deal I’ve found is ordering new from certain Ram dealers. The one below is offering 6% below invoice. I ordered from a different dealer in Iowa who stopped with their below invoice pricing, but many folks on these forums have been reporting nothing but great...
  19. FoCoJayco

    I have given up looking for a new, to me truck, for now

    If you're willing to consider new, the best deal I found a year ago was by special ordering a factory new Ram from an out-of-state dealer. Got below invoice pricing for waiting 6 months and got exactly what I wanted. I could have flipped it for at least $10k more than I paid without trying...
  20. FoCoJayco

    Cirrus driver opts for urban highway over chute

    A report in the Cirrus forum indicated an engine failure and the PIC attempted to troubleshoot. By the time troubleshooting options were exhausted, it was too low for a CAPS pull. Nice work by the pilot.