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    KT76 Transponder

    I purchased a nice used KT76 to replace a transponder I thought wasn't working. It turns out it is. So I have the following one for sale. Removed working and in nice shape. $315.00 includes shipping/tracking.
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    Video of 14 yr old kid first solo ...

    I couldn't help but have a big grin on my face as I watch her. It was great to see you family (assuming that was her family) and instructor all there for the occasion. Certainly a memory that will live with her forever.
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    Guy raped by 4 fatties in Toronto

    Hmmm did he get caught by a friend? :dunno: You know that saying about mopeds :D
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    Sun n' Fun 2013

    Man make sure you guys take lots of pictures!
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    Gleim on-line Ground School..Have you used this?

    Gleim customer here too. I think for $99 it's a good option. Self-paced and and a method I like to learn by.
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    Im New

    Greetings and Welcome!
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    Ferry flight to Estonia!

    Very cool indeed!
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    Tower closure poll. Lurkers welcome.

    Have to agree with you Andy. Have you ever flown in Worcester? Talk about a snooze fest of on airport, and they have a tower! That one was a head scratcher for me.
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    Update 4-5

    I hope that this round goes well for you. It says a lot to me about the quality of POA if it, in some small way, makes your treatment a little easier. Good luck and sending you positive thoughts during this next round!
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    Ct to Hilton head or st. Simmons or?

    Sounds like a great trip!!
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    Ct to Hilton head or st. Simmons or?

    :idea: you guys need a valet/plane sitter/back seat driver right?? I've only been to SSI of the places you listed and thought it was beautiful.
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    PoA and Facebook - alot alike

    Well said! To me FB never feels like community.
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    Search Engines? gives a penny to the charity of your choice for each search you do. I kind of like this model.
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    Draft book cover

    Looks good!
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    Starter aerobatic airplane?

    Cirrus :lol: No seriously I wouldn't advocate that. :no: I know Diana does a lot of acro in her Citabria and would be good person to chat with if you're thinking going that route. Enjoy, and keep us posted on your progress. It sure looks like fun!
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    Condolences to MikeA

    Sorry to hear about your Mom Mike. My sincerest sympathies to you and your family.
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    Garmin Pilot for Android -- Tech Support, Tips, Tricks

    Not yet Jay, the tablet was actually an impulse buy and happened to be looking at apps and decided to try Garmin. I will most probably get the GDL-39 a little later tho.
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    Garmin Pilot for Android -- Tech Support, Tips, Tricks

    Count me in as a N7 user with the Garmin App. Was playing with it last night (static) and can't wait to go out Wednesday and give it a try.
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    I'm going to meet a Tuskegee Airman!

    So awesome to meet living history!