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  1. tawood

    Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco - DUI

    You clearly either lack reading comprehension, or didn’t read my posts. Either way, I see no point in responding further.
  2. tawood

    Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco - DUI

    NC is also decided by case law, but again, you have to be considered operating. I'm sure the cop did ask her to roll down her window from the passenger seat. If she was convicted, she also was proven (or pled to) also operating that vehicle at some point.
  3. tawood

    Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco - DUI

    ...As well as just having keys...Florida definition of control was decided by case law, and (rightfully) is decided on a case by case basis, with limits such as found in Fielsman vs State: "evidence that the key was in the ignition does not inexorably lead to the conclusion that the defendant...
  4. tawood

    Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco - DUI

    Did you actually read your sources? You do realize those sources say you have to be operating, right? As @flyingron said, there are different definitions of operating, but just being in a car isn't one of them.
  5. tawood

    PPL with Piper Arrow

    This^^^ As a new Arrow owner, but long time Cherokee owner, I find it amazing just how much my Arrow feels like my Cherokee once the gear come down, and I find Cherokees super easy to fly in the pattern, land, etc. When I was a student pilot, it was the pattern work that kept you busy, so...
  6. tawood

    I landed gear up

    That's the first thing I thought of too!
  7. tawood

    I landed gear up

    No one hurt, the plane can be fixed. Thanks for the reminder on the sterile cockpit, as I've let that slip lately...I need to get that rule back in my plane!
  8. tawood

    [NA] Semi-auto shotguns

    If you shoot a semi-auto "wrong" (like not firmly holding it into your shoulder), it becomes a single shot. If your experience is limited, I'd stick with a pump shotgun. Either 12 or 20 should work for skunks...and the recoil difference isn't extreme.
  9. tawood

    Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco - DUI

    What state? (I'm still calling BS, but its your chance to prove me wrong). I've read that between midnight and 6am, 1 out of 6 drivers on the road are intoxicated. My personal experience found it much higher than that actually. Finding drunk drivers is ridiculously easy that it is...
  10. tawood

    Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco - DUI

    OWT=Old wives' tales
  11. tawood

    Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco - DUI

    I once got a conviction on a guy that was asleep in his car at a red light, foot on the brake, car running in drive. In that case, he wasn't driving, but we could show he was "operating", because how else could he have gotten into that condition? Your attitude only reflects how engrained this...
  12. tawood

    Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco - DUI

    BS. The law is "Operating" or "Driving". Show me a law that says not driving or operating.
  13. tawood

    Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco - DUI

    Through my 29-year police career (now retired/on my second career), I've heard this often: I'll get a DUI even if I'm not driving when I'm in my car. Here is a true story about my own personal experience with this BS: Many years ago, I was working mid-nights with a partner (he was driving)...
  14. tawood

    Impatience leads to bad go/no-go decisions

    I don't think the path matters, as long as the decision is good. I had a similar story many years ago in Milwaukee when I was a VFR only pilot. I was just a couple of hours from home, landed in Milwaukee to get gas, and ended up being stuck there for 5 days. Every day, I would watch the...
  15. tawood

    [NA] As pilots, what are we switching to as we move away from cargo shorts and New Balance?

    They say men only have two hairstyle changes in their lifetime. I extend that to clothing style changes. I've already had my two changes for both. I'm done.
  16. tawood

    Hot Air Balloon down Albuquerque

    I would imagine some affects would not be conducive to good judgement... From a drug website: Cocaine increases alertness, feelings of well-being, euphoria, energy, sociability, and sexuality.
  17. tawood

    what causes the noises that bleed into the headset

    The generic answer is, "bad ground"...but I don't know why.
  18. tawood

    Can operating a drone illegally be a felony?

    You don't have to work that hard.... Intentionally fly it into someone. Intentionally fly it into something valuable.
  19. tawood

    Adventures in finding short runways to land.

    That’s one of the great things about aviation: your way often isn’t the only right way. You say you don’t understand those that use more runway. Those pilots that use more runway probably don’t understand why you’re flying with added risk of coming up short, or stalling from a gust, or ragging...
  20. tawood

    iPad Cooling

    After reading this I'm thinking, 'what am I missing?' Then I looked at the picture in the link, lol. I'm slow.