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  1. 1SGBrokePilot

    ForeFlight iPad Notice

    I'm still rocking the mini4. Will do so until its last breath. after that, I don't know what I will do. currently getting the Dynon HDX installed in my plane. Not sure I will need FF after that.. still might be a good back up if things go south. I may just use it only on my phone at that point...
  2. 1SGBrokePilot

    Dynon Skyview HDX vs GI 275s

    I cant answer your question but I was in the same crossroads as you are now. I went with Dynon. Just dropped the plane off for install monday. good luck!
  3. 1SGBrokePilot

    Question for Maintenance Shops - why the short hours?

    in my neck of the woods the A&P Shops are mostly 1 man endeavours, and most of them are winding down in their careers. I assume they want more time at home and with family. I have a side job at the local class C airport and work ramp ops with a lot of young kids in the local A&P school. They...
  4. 1SGBrokePilot

    Do you learn better from a great or a bad experience?

    I have had both. I keep "unintentionally" giving myself reminders that I need to slow down and focus when something unexpected happens. example: at an airport away from home I was about up and about to depart when I realised my LED landing light wasn't working. I shut down and pulled my...
  5. 1SGBrokePilot

    C150 Engine Upgrade has a diesel conversion. Interesting note, it has a 2,100hr replacement. It seems overhaul is not an option....or i misread everything
  6. 1SGBrokePilot

    Flying Midwest Podcast Live from OSH with Cirrus CEO Zean Nielsen

    FWIW, I really enjoy your podcast. just found it a few months ago.
  7. 1SGBrokePilot


    I too use leakguard.. found that I have had to replace my nose wheel tube every 12 months for the past 3 years... same issue as you describe... I just changed mine out yesterday. I will probably look into another brand if this happens again within the year. I also noticed that last year I paid...
  8. 1SGBrokePilot

    Dark Aero 1

    Their videos are great if you really like to nerd out of engineering. I do hope they are able to come up with a better mousetrap at a price that is affordable to a bigger audience. until they produce a saleable production model, my "if I win a small lottery" airplane would still be
  9. 1SGBrokePilot

    Headset Recommendation for 13 year old

    I like the ASA headset with a set of the soft muff covers.. all in all I think you are in about $120. I used these during initial training.
  10. 1SGBrokePilot

    IMC the whole fight?

    putting in a Dynon panel with AP
  11. 1SGBrokePilot

    IMC the whole fight?

    the longest I have been was somewhere close to an hour and ten or so without an AP. it was tiring, but excellent experience. That said, I knew that if the vacuum system died I could descend to clear air. I enjoy the challenge of solid IMC when I know I have an out. I am certainly looking fwd...
  12. 1SGBrokePilot

    Two nights in Toronto, what should we do?

    Chris, thanks for the info. This is very helpful. really glad you mentioned the ETA part.. I wonder why the US doesnt care about the time I come back as long as the day is good. I plan on filing IFR from KIAG to CYTZ via FF.... I guess if it's nice I could do it VFR...ok now I feel dumb...
  13. 1SGBrokePilot

    Two nights in Toronto, what should we do?

    I have class 3 med at the moment. planning on following the coast up to Buffalo and crossing over there. I'll probably fuel up somewhere near buff and the file IFR into least thats my tentative plan.
  14. 1SGBrokePilot

    Two nights in Toronto, what should we do?

    arriving Friday 14 April, leaving that Sunday.
  15. 1SGBrokePilot

    Two nights in Toronto, what should we do?

    Posted this in another board, didn't get much action. Hope the bigger population here can offer up some ideas. I plan to take the wife to CYTZ for 2 nights for her 40th. I have jumped through all of the bureaucratic hoops and got stickers, and licenses and all that jazz. While I am a bit...
  16. 1SGBrokePilot

    Who is Doing These Jobs?

    Local pipeline guys near me have a 1500 hr req. They say that is the only way the company can afford the insurance rates. So basically its a bunch of old guys doing it for side money.
  17. 1SGBrokePilot

    Fouled or Dirty Plugs

    Just tossing out some guesses.......How many hours since your mags have been inspected? might be something going on in there. granted I have a different engine than you, but If I don't clean/gap/rotate my plugs every 50 hrs I get a good amount of lead fouling. I lean a lot but still get a good...
  18. 1SGBrokePilot

    Do you name your plane?

    Audrey -- names after the man eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors. the plane is green and she eats up my cash
  19. 1SGBrokePilot

    Oil & Filter Supplies?

    I ordered a six pack of AA48110-2 on 21 May.. it was backordered and delivered yesterday. To cover down while I waited I found 1 AA48110-2 on Amazon for $52.
  20. 1SGBrokePilot

    Questions about ADS-B weather July 5

    I don't have an answer for you but I am in central Ohio and have seen this type of issue pop up around here a few times in the past couple months.