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  1. drgwentzel

    Non-IFR pilot instructed to intercept LOC

    There is no regulation that I am aware of that states a PIC has to be instrument rated to track a localizer or ILS in VMC while flying VFR. As others have stated, if you are uncomfortable with it, not proficient at it, or don't know how...DO NOT accept the instruction. You'd have to let ATC...
  2. drgwentzel

    Unusual Attitude in IMC during IFR Checkride?

    I had to file an IFR flight plan for my IFR checkride, and I believe it was to show I knew how to file, obtain and read back an actual clearance directly to ATC. He clearly also wanted to observe that I could safely fly the departure (going under the hood at 200') and intercept the course to...
  3. drgwentzel

    IFR Approach Debate

    So that investigation really helps! Especially this quote, "It was common practice at the time for controllers to release a flight to its own navigation with "Cleared for the approach," and flight crews commonly believed that was also authorization to descend to the altitude at which the...
  4. drgwentzel

    IFR Approach Debate

    That's part of the point...the controller should have provided a heading to intercept and an altitude to maintain until established. This was not a visual approach clearance. When I hear ATC simply state only, "Cleared for the Approach" and nothing else, as far as I'm concerned, that cancels...
  5. drgwentzel

    IFR Approach Debate

    IFR Flyers, I had a difference of opinion with another pilot yesterday during an IFR approach, so let me run the scenario by the group and let's discuss what the group think is. I was the pilot flying and the other pilot was the pilot monitoring. We were flying into EWR shooting an ILS...
  6. drgwentzel

    Dimming the GTN 650 Display

    I think you hit the nail on the head here! I appreciate your response. The only rationale I cannot figure out is why Garmin decided to make this so difficult. We're only talking about allowing the user to set auto dimming or to manually dim the display using its own internal commands. I just...
  7. drgwentzel

    Dimming the GTN 650 Display

    Hello pilots, I have a relatively recent GTN 650 install and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to dim / adjust the display brightness. The display appears to be at full brightness day or night. I cannot figure out how to set an auto dimming feature for nighttime operation (if one...
  8. drgwentzel

    For Sale Garmin GDL 39-3D with Battery and Antenna ext. cord

    Used Garmin GDL39-3D GPS ADS-B with AHRS and Battery. Works fine with no issues. Included in sale is everything in the picture on eBay; This includes an antenna extension cable which is not included from Garmin when you buy this unit new. I purchased it as an extra for 49 dollars. A small area...
  9. drgwentzel

    For Sale Lightspeed Zulu PFX ANR Headset for sale on eBay... Hello Flyers! I am selling my Zulu PFX headset on eBay. It's in good condition and has the normal wear one would expect. I hope it finds a good home! Gene Wentzel
  10. drgwentzel

    Garmin 650 side-tone

    To anyone in the group that owns a Garmin GTN650...the sidetone in my radio is VERY loud and screechy. It actually hurts my ears when I make a radio call. Does anyone here know if this is adjustable somewhere? I can't find it in the user documentation. Of note, I have PS Engineering 8000B...
  11. drgwentzel

    Yea, I did send feedback using that link. Thanks for all the info...much appreciated! Gene
  12. drgwentzel

    Flyers, I was just wondering if others here have the same frustration as me with First, I want to say that I use this site almost everyday and recommend it to my students all the time. It has great information. Unfortunately, this website is optimized for a computer...
  13. drgwentzel

    Severe hearing loss and first class medical

    Hello, I have a young flight student who has severe hearing loss in one ear. He’s asking me if he would qualify for a first class medical to start a career in aviation. I told him to talk to the flight surgeon, but I also told him I would post it here and see what kind of response I get. Does...
  14. drgwentzel

    The enigma of aircraft lighting...

    The Enigma of Aircraft Lights It is 12 noon, the 25 hour student pilot and I have just cleared the runway and they are completing the after landing checklist. They are at the part that says, “Lights ……As Required”. I know what’s coming…I see them read it…they hesitate…I see the cognitive...
  15. drgwentzel

    Diamond DA40 and DA20 question

    To the Diamond Flyers: Where are the fuel vents on the Diamond DA40-180 and the DA20-C1? My checklist wants me to check them and I don't know where to look. Thanks! Gene
  16. drgwentzel

    Frustrations of a CFI

    I remember in grade school I would be sitting in class shaking like a leaf because I knew the teacher was about to collect our homework and I hadn’t completed mine. Sometimes it was because I forgot, but more often than not, I just chose not to do it...
  17. drgwentzel

    For Sale Garmin Aera 796 GPS

    Hello flyers, I have my Garmin Aera 796 GPS listed on eBay at if anyone is interested. It's used and in great condition and comes with all essential that came in the original box. Thanks! Gene Wentzel
  18. drgwentzel

    The FAA called me at 4 am

    It is my aircraft and I have a mode S transponder. The FAA call my home phone and the FBO called my cell phone which I provided when I landed at TEB. Teterboro FBO could not tell them I landed safely because that is the AP I departed from, I landed at an uncontrolled field which is my homebase.
  19. drgwentzel

    The FAA called me at 4 am

    Flyers, I flew to KTEB (Teterboro ap) yesterday with my wife and 2 friends to see Wicked on Broadway. (GREAT SHOW!...but I digress). After the show and back at KTEB I contact Clearance Delivery for a VFR clearance (yes, they are Class D, but require all VFR departures to contact CD). I told...
  20. drgwentzel

    Airspeed indicator jumps to life

    Sounds completely plausible!