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    Avionics Shop Experience Survey

    Hi Guys, I work with a small avionics shop and we are trying to determine if it would be worth our time and money to invest in a new website. We are going back and forth between between doing a simple face lift or going all out and adding a shopping cart with eCommerce capability for used and...
  2. CLPSO-34

    Night & Flight by color signals restriction Lifted

    Earlier this year I made a trip down to Dr Bruce Chens office to see if I could pass any of the alternative color vision tests, as I have a color deficiency and failed the original test during my medical. At one point during the Falant test he actually got up to make sure that the lights were...
  3. CLPSO-34

    Earhart Survived

    I read the article the other day. It looked pretty interesting.
  4. CLPSO-34

    Color Vision Test - Falant or Optec-900 near Chicago?

    Thanks Mike - I will reach out to him tomorrow. That is very close!
  5. CLPSO-34

    Color Vision Test - Falant or Optec-900 near Chicago?

    Hi, Does anybody know of an AME or Optometrist that has a falant lantern or Optec-900 near Chicago or in the Midwest? I need to take an alternate color vision test to get a restriction lifted of my medical. If you have any suggestions, please reply to this thread. Thanks, Paul
  6. CLPSO-34

    Flight instructor near Clow?

    Does anybody know of a freelance CFII near Clow (1C5)/ Naper Aero (LL10)? I am looking to fly 3-4 times per week. A full time flight instructor would be ideal. I have access to an archer that I will be training in.