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    Amitriptyline - Basic Med

    You need to report all medical conditions every in your life, doctors appointments within the last 3 years, and CURRENT medications. If you haven't taken amitriptyline since 2020, there's no reason to mention it on your medical certificate application. You'll need to document that the migraines...
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    Pure conjecture here, but I doubt the FAA will allow Tirzepatide for weight loss (without diabetes) until the FDA approves it for that purpose. It has received approval for FDA Fast Track approved based on it's supposed efficacy, so that might come sooner than it would take until the routine...
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    Doctor Appointments Medexpress

    You still need to list your medical appointments. With the exceptions listed on page 35(28) of TCACM's linked document, you need to list each medical appointment you've attended in the past three years. I certainly would NOT recommend sending three year's worth of your entire medical record to...
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    SI Authorization Withdrawn after Medical expires?

    2nd for Brad Z's opinion. Also if your certificate says not valid for any class after a certain date, then it's not valid for any class (i.e., expired) after that date. There is no reversion to 2nd or 3rd class privileges. It's common to transition to Basic Med after an SI. Just make sure to...
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    Class 1 Cert

    It would be a extremely rare for the FAA to reverse an AME's decision to issue a certificate. You could still receive additional information requests from the FAA. Without additional context, it's hard to comment on the likelihood of that happening.
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    2nd Class Medical, 2nd Deferment - Alcohol Related

    Unsolicited character references sent to the FAA won't be helpful. One way or anther you'll need a current assessment from a board certified psychiatrists that comprehensively addresses your mental health history and substance use. Unless your alcohol use disorder is roundly refuted in that...
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    Flagged for false information

    If you submitted a condition on a VA disability claim, no matter how the VA ruled on it, you should also report it in MedXPress. That includes conditions in rated as 0% and conditions that they determine are not service connected. I've seen dozens on the letters you're referencing. Sorting...
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    Am I ever going to be able to get a medical?

    The 10-year wait after suicidal ideation was historically true from my understanding, but the FAA has been softening its stance. They really do consider each application on a case by case basis. That's good in the sense that pilots who have struggled and recovered get to have the unique...
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    SSRI How often do I need to see psychiatrist?

    If you're just starting an SSRI, you should be following up with your prescribing physician regularly. For FAA certification, your symptoms need to resolve or be reduced to minimal level and you'll need to be on a stable dose for six months. The FAA will probably what you to follow up at least...
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    Making sure I am good for my AME to issue me in the office

    Having ketones in your urine is not disqualifying for FAA medical certification. Protein in your urine can be, but that doesn't happen from Adkins or other low carb diets. To the OP's question: if you're healthy, don't take any medications, and have no significant past medical history, you most...
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    Class 2 with Felony Conviction

    There's a lot to consider here. Most of it is beyond the general guidance I typically provide on public forms. The OP's medical certification will depend entirely on the unique circumstances of his case. There's clearly more to the story here and not just in a bad way. Character references and...
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    Forgot to list broken leg treatment on medexpress.

    MedXPress ask "have you ever in your life". For conditions that don't fit neatly under heading, there's question 18x which ask about any conditions, disabilities, or.surgeries. Your AME isn't the authority on whether something is noteworthy. They might opine one way or the other, but that's...
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    HIMS **** quizzes, and NyQuil

    EtG and PEth testing can both detect metabolites of alcohol long after your BAC returns to 0. There are MANY alcohol free alternatives to NyQuil that address congestion much better. Don't forget that NyQuil also contains doxylamine as an active ingredient. You'll need to wait at least 60 hours...
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    Forgot to list broken leg treatment on medexpress.

    Submitting a 8500-8 Omission Declaration is one option. Unfortunately there's not much (nothing) your AME can do once they've submitted your application to the FAA. From an enforcement standpoint, the FAA's response would be proportional to your omission. Expect a severe response if you...
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    Does the FAA abide by the "60 day review" period?

    Your AME did it right. You can expect to receive a letter from the FAA in several months that details the documents you need to submit each year to maintain your SI. OSA is unique. It's the only condition that requires a SI, but allows the AME to issue without waiting for FAA review. It's like a...
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    SI renewal turns into alcohol history inquiry

    FatherPilot summed up a very important lesson well: "Never apply for a medical without certainty of the outcome." Most medical issues can be overcome with the right documentation, but it's much more efficient to have the documentation ready BEFORE your AME exam. Getting deferred and waited to...
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    Received situational depression class 1 medical

    Depending on your circumstances, you might also receive a "Letter of Eligibility" that certifies you can apply for your future medical certificates without a special evaluations or other requirements. Don't expect that anytime soon either.
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    2023 ADHD Fast Track Protocol

    If you most recent medical certificate was denied, revoked, or suspended, you AME will be obligated to defer your exam. The computer system won't allow them to issue. That said, you can probably have your deferred applicated evaluated on an expedited basis if your AME is willing to engage the...
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    I wonder if Amazon Clinic...

    Good luck! :D
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    Coming on and off? Recurrent?

    Unless you were diagnosed with "adjustment disorder" and your single episode lasted less than six months, you will need to provide a current psychiatric assessment explains your history. Changing medication or changing doses of the same medication doesn't matter much, except that you need to be...