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    Thanks, Ted. It's the price we pay for a long and interesting life.
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    Thanks for doing that research. I really appreciate it.
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    Yes, vitrectomy. In my macular hole, the vitreous fluid became adhesive with age and tore a hole in my macula, sort of like pulling off a bandaid and pulling off a scab with it. Then the hole edges started deteriorating. A small incision removed the vitreous gel and replaced with a bubble of...
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    Right. That's what is happening. Darn it. As a child, I successfully transferred my hand dominance to my right hand by dislocating my left elbow and breaking my left wrist, but my left foot and left eye stayed dominant.
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    Yeah. Thanks.
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    No. My dominant eye has distortion and my brain is working real hard to override the good vision in my other eye and then trying to resolve the images from both eyes. Smaller, brighter screens haven't helped. I have started using MS Word's embedded reader. That helps, but only with Word...
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    Looking for ultralight pilots to brainstorm

    CFI Hubby wants to talk to ultralight pilots. Wants to know what your issues or questions are. We live in the Tulsa area. Not an advertisement for students.
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    Just want to update my friends. Surgery was successful. Eye has lost some visual ability. Distortion, fuzziness, floaters. Current vision in dominant eye is 20/60 and may be correctible to 20/40 with glasses. 20/20 in the non-dominant eye. Able to drive during daylight. Residual issue...
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    Had retina surgery on one eye. Don't know if it will see again or if so, how much. Probably pretty bad. Been Basic-Med for several years. Was a CPAP user, but couldn't use CPAP mask and sleep on my face at the same time. So, gotta get a good six-months again, now. Anyway, what are the...
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    Airport home for sale in Oklahoma This home is right on the runway of a very well-maintained private grass field. Great neighbors. Great community. Short commute to Tulsa.
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    How Accurate are 14 Day Forecasts?

    Weather forecasting is another casualty of COVID. With fewer airliners flying and automatically reporting weather all over the world, weather input is less complete. Reductions in ocean liner reports has also reduced oceanic information. Technology has improved markedly, but without data to...
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    Initial CFI failure rates?

    According to our local FSDO, they are looking at re-education attempts with CFIs who have a 40% FAIL rate.
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    Next word that comes to mind...

    Glenn Miller
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    Cataract surgery complication

    How are you doing now?
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    Medical Trouble Incoming

    Link up with Dr. Bruce Chien. Do what he says. Be totally honest with him. You don't need a lawyer.
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    COVID-WTF Thread

    My 30-something daughter has lived with diabetes for 30 years. If she died with Covid-19 next week, would you suggest that she didn't die FROM Covid-19? Without the virus, we expect her to have another 30 or more years living with diabetes.
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    Covid 19 What is FAA take on maintaining currency?

    I have just seen an answer from AvWeb.
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    Covid 19 What is FAA take on maintaining currency?

    With all this "shelter in place" that is going around, does anybody know if the FAA is considering extending rules on currency?
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    What is your birth date?

    My hubby always has a problem with the next question. Receptionist: Can you verify your address? Hubby: Yes Long pause Receptionist: Can you verify your address, please? Hubby: Yes, I can. Receptionist: What is it? Hubby: It? What do you mean? Receptionist: What is your address? Hubby: Do...
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    Grounded indefinitely

    Good luck to you, Nate.