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  1. gismo

    For Sale FS: Home & Hangar on private airstrip near San Antonio Tx

    My sister and her husband are selling their 3Br 3Ba 2800 ft^2 home on the Texas Heritage Airport (TE86) on a 2 acre lot with a 50x50ft hangar that has a 40x11 ft Electric Schweiss Bifold door plus a 12x14 vehicle door. This is in a nice gated airport community about 16 nm south of New Braunfels...
  2. gismo

    Shop tries new payment techniques. Block aircraft with tug!

    Guys, as one of the very early participants on PoA I want to strongly affirm that James Gallagher of Gallagher Aviation (Whelen dealer in Ohio) is in no way affiliated with the Jim Gallagher who apparently owns the avionics and maintenance shops in PA. James has been getting angry...
  3. gismo

    Avionics Master

    If there's any way you can use pullable CBs, I strongly recommend going that way. Besides the obvious advantages (electrical fire, load shedding, diagnosing) of being able to take any circuit off the bus, all CBs suffer from internal contact surface oxidation and occasionally pulling a CG wipes...
  4. gismo

    GFC 500 installed in 182Q and it is fantastic!

    It might be redundant:
  5. gismo

    GTX345 vs GTX335 w/ FS210

    The response is "targeted" in that it only contains traffic within a 15nm radius of whatever ADS-B out equipped aircraft that triggered the response but said traffic data can be received and used by any other aircraft close enough to the ground based transmitter to receive it. In addition most...
  6. gismo

    Some complex time

    My philosophy is "Gear down to go down" where "go down" implies leaving the pattern altitude on a VFR flight (or a visual approach) and the first descent after the FAF on an instrument approach. The basis of this concept is that it's difficult to achieve a normal descent rate without closing...
  7. gismo

    For Sale Garmin GPS496 w/accessories $550 OBO

    Price dropped to $450 plus actual shipping cost.
  8. gismo

    Recommended Tampa airport for mid-term ops?

    Only downside is the rather onerous night curfew.
  9. gismo

    First Solo Boo Boo

    I prefer the aviation department at NAPA myself.
  10. gismo

    Make & Model and Open Pilot Warranty

    You've got that right. I had one that considered any BE35 (any V-tail Bonanza including engines from 185-285 HP, manually controlled prop pitch vs hydraulic CS prop, radically different control and instrument layouts, six vs four seats, significant MGW variations, and more) to qualify as same...
  11. gismo

    First Solo Boo Boo

    The one time I ground looped was partially due to the departure of both tailwheel control springs which unknown to me had just been installed by another part owner who got them from Home Depot.
  12. gismo

    Talk Me Out of Speed

    One other advantage of higher cruise speed is the decreased effect of headwinds. 180 KTAS into a 30 Kt headwind makes the trip about 20% longer. E.G. a 3hr no wind leg takes 3.6 hrs in a 180 kt airplane while that 3 hr leg in a 120 kt airplane (which covers significantly less ground in the...
  13. gismo

    Talk Me Out of Speed

    If you're married, 10 hour flights in a small airplane are likely to cost you half your net worth.
  14. gismo

    For Sale Garmin GPS496 w/accessories $550 OBO

    I'm selling my GPS496 with all the original accessories and more: (Now $450). First Row below box: 496/396 Zippered Bag (like new) Protective cover (made for a different model but fits fine and protects the display) 128MB Data Card and mount baseplate. MapSource CD. 2nd Row: GPS496...
  15. gismo

    Anyone Here Scuba Dive?

    Get yourself a really good mask and a decent snorkel first. Mask fit and comfort are very important and it's unlikely the rental equipment will work well for you. After that, I suggest you acquire a decent dive computer. Not only will you avoid struggling to learn a different computer's logic...
  16. gismo

    American Made - Tom Cruise new movie

    If you were expecting a documentary I suspect your perception of "based on a true story" is very different than mine.
  17. gismo

    American Made - Tom Cruise new movie

    I watched this movie last night and that made me remember Henning telling me stories about the CIA running drugs out of some airport in Arizona. Most of the details in those stories were pretty consistent with the movie for whatever that's worth. I see he's no longer a member here, what happened?
  18. gismo

    Mixture rich on approach?

    Most often that only applies to full power (e.g. takeoff and climb). With most airplanes there is NO altitude where proper leaning won't improve efficiency and engine longevity. A lot of misunderstanding WRT the use of the red knob stems from CFIs and flight school owners trying to keep...
  19. gismo

    Another crash :(

    We may have to agree to disagree. To reduce the AoA you must "unload" (i.e. reduce the amount of lift). That could be accomplished by dumping weight but changing the pitch attitude is more practical. And airplane's don't accelerate fast to the ground in a stall, If you can manage to keep the...
  20. gismo

    Co-Ownership %

    AFaIK that won't be a problem if all "renters" are listed on the policy as named insured (which they should be).