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  1. Flyer Scott

    Hypothetical tax question

    Contact Kyle Kamman at ATC (Aviation Tax Consultants). 812-342-9589 x 105. They are really great to work with and know the Aviation Tax codes nationally.
  2. Flyer Scott

    New case against flight tracking

    I blocked mine immediately after receiving a call or text every time I flew somewhere. I’d get a creepy message.. “ Oh I see you’re back in FL, TX, NY, etc. what you up to…?” This was from someone with no reason or business to monitor me or my family’s whereabouts. For safety, I would never post...
  3. Flyer Scott

    N/A Tipping

    Sad, scary and accurate…
  4. Flyer Scott

    How many hours did you fly in 2023?

    Which plan is required for this recap? How do you navigate to it? TIA!
  5. Flyer Scott

    Thank goodness for ADS-B in and Foreflight

    Flight following is great, I recommend always using FF when VFR of any significant distance. Really scary when using FF, panel ADSB, and flight following and still so difficult to visually find other craft. I prefer every possible resource to to increase my odds. When using all the available...
  6. Flyer Scott

    How many hours did you fly in 2023?

    270.2 total, 235.8 complex HP, 267.7 TAA, 70.3 Night..
  7. Flyer Scott

    Rental Car hint/tip/gripe/trick/review/kvetch Thread

    Turo has always brought the vehicle to the FBO, left the keys in a hidden spot or lockbox on the vehicle. They typically send a pic of the vehicle and where parked so it’s easy to locate. I always get their cell to text directly with for any issues. Many of the Turo operators have multiple...
  8. Flyer Scott

    Rental Car hint/tip/gripe/trick/review/kvetch Thread

    Turo has been very good across multiple locations. I even found Turo’s last minute for OSH and Sun N Fun this year when no other cars were to be found. I’ve used them from FL to AK and have met some really nice local people at the same time. Each time I’ve asked, they’re happy to have the car...
  9. Flyer Scott

    Ceramic coating

    I had it applied by on my Saratoga. It wasn’t cheap but was well worth the investment. I am extremely “particular” and have a pretty good eye for paint defects. Bob is an absolute artist. He works magic on planes beyond what I would think is even possible...
  10. Flyer Scott

    SI for misdiagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

    It is no wonder pilots are so cautious to share any concerns they have about any issues. How frequent is a misdiagnosis of this type in the general population?
  11. Flyer Scott

    Long haul flying - what a PITA

    The 33.8 hour flight sounds incredible. That story could be a great thread alone. Have you shared that story somewhere on here yet?
  12. Flyer Scott

    Long haul flying - what a PITA

    My wife’s dad worked for TWA. They’d go to the airport pick whatever flight was open and go for the weekend. She went to Paris, France for the weekend. She was in grade school and the teacher asked them to write what they did on their weekend. The teacher accused her making up a fake story...
  13. Flyer Scott

    The weather briefer earned his money today

    I always complete my own briefs using multiple resources but also always appreciate the second opinion from a briefer. Some seem newer and less willing to offer anything more than what they read. However, many of the briefers are awesome and provide excellent insights. Just as with all...
  14. Flyer Scott


    It’d be interesting to hear the pilot explain the ADM process leading up to this situation.
  15. Flyer Scott

    For Sale Alaska Corporate pilot position

    That seems like a dream job for any pilot. Crazy.
  16. Flyer Scott

    If anyone needs to renew their IL aircraft registration...

    What is the pilot registration IL requires? Is there a link to a site?
  17. Flyer Scott

    X-treme N42XM down at KUCY
  18. Flyer Scott

    X-treme N42XM down at KUCY Tragic loss of two accomplished pilots. Plane was like new with only 58 hours.
  19. Flyer Scott

    PA28 down near Gainesville, FL

    My son was flying in the pattern at KUCY this week. Opposite the pattern is an aerobatics box where N42XM was being flown by one of the planes three new owners and a seasoned aerobatics instructor. My son was on the radio with N42XM while in the pattern. My son had landed and was debriefing his...
  20. Flyer Scott

    PA28 down near Gainesville, FL

    There was something else not reported. A close friend of mine was flying AAL3676 in the area while this was happening and heard the dialogue between the pilot and ATC on 121.5. The pilot advised his AI was inop. It was unclear if it was that way when he took off or had failed in flight. The last...