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  1. BMan

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    And all parts are guaranteed for the life of the part!
  2. BMan

    B17 crash at Dallas.

    Juan Browne and Scott Perdue break down the accident (NTSB docket), recently posted:
  3. BMan

    Sportys Rant - incomplete process and tests including topics not seen

    There are various vids on YouTube of "live" practice check ride oral exams with real PPL students only weeks away from their real check ride. I've been watching those and get a feel for how I may be called to task; a good thing, actually. Taking mock written exams (many free ones out...
  4. BMan

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

  5. BMan

    Thinking about - er bought - a Jeep Gladiator

    Nice on the Gladiator. We've had six Jeeps (Wranglers and Grand Cherokees) over the past 14yrs and no problems with any of them with a mix of 5.7 Hemi, 3.6 Pentastar, 2.0T and 2.0T 4xe. For decent all season tires that are VERY GOOD in winter I recommend the Goodyear Duratracs; the only weakness...
  6. BMan

    How much wind is too much?

    My first three flying lessons had nil wind, two flights in a 170 and one in a 172....hey landings didn't seem tough and thought I'd be greasing them in no time. Most lessons afterward (all in the 172) have been 15kt buffeting, crab-happy, sweaty handfuls during landing not to mention the ATC...
  7. BMan

    I’m calling the peak

    Supply and demand. The supply of people who can afford the higher prices will decline so the amount demanded by the seller, if they really need to sell, has to follow. I'm seeing it with home prices just starting to drop in big chunks while I scout potential retirement locations.
  8. BMan

    If anyone needs to renew their IL aircraft registration...

    I wouldn't trust that state employees will know how to count; math is not a strong suit in the People's Republic of IL govt.
  9. BMan

    I’m calling the peak

    Wasn't it Yogi Berra who said "The future's easy to predict when you look back at it."?
  10. BMan

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    Nailing it? I thought it was more like showing how to screw around.
  11. BMan

    Flying Public is meh about missing wheel or two

    Maybe it's a new German design for better performance? New set of wheels after every flight! (at 1:13)
  12. BMan

    [NA]Microplastics; the latest thing to worry about.

    $1.50 soda and a hot dog at Costco....almost the same nil nutritional benefit with similar calories, right? :D
  13. BMan

    Daughter wants a fun car, dad wants something more practical.

    2014-2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 w/3.6 as long as it has maintenance records of regular oil changes (true for anything, though). We have three of these currently in the family inventory with 100,000 miles, 160,000 miles and one over 250,000. No measurable oil use between changes, 21-27mpg...
  14. BMan

    [NA]Microplastics; the latest thing to worry about.

    So true. I'm not an actuary but I crunch numbers (analysis, estimates) as a main part of my day job and see this play out time after time. If I dig into the empirical data and find it opposes the narrative summation, I'm just that old guy waving his fist in the air. never let the factual data...
  15. BMan

    Next word that comes to mind...

  16. BMan

    Flight schools best rates

    Me too, unfortunately. Enough poor maintenance discovered that it forced me to quit learning altogether at a flight school; it wasn't worth the potential notoriety of ending up on kathryn's report as an NTSB statistic.
  17. BMan

    [NA]Microplastics; the latest thing to worry about.

    My daughter is a doctor and has studied the microplastics issue peripherally during her education; there are microplastics in the blood of newborn babies now. The health effects of microplastics, short and long term, are still TBD. That said, I think the biggest threat to life on our planet is...
  18. BMan

    Planes clipped at O’Hare

    It's Chicago.....ramp rage.
  19. BMan

    PoA slowness?

    It's a veiled public service message encouraging us to go fly, or at least go to the airport and hang out with fellow pilots.
  20. BMan

    Hiring standards are dropping

    Saturdays has to be mentioned; they might get in trouble offending someone just stating "must have ability to work".