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    Missing US Marine Helicopter

    Looks like recovery efforts are in progress TFR
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    Boeing CEO to step down by the end of the year

    Gee, I wonder how big his golden parachute will be?
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    Aviation License Plates

    He must have liked living dangerously :)
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    Boeing's streak continues: 737 Gear Collapse

    The crew asked about spacing (of following airplane) to be able to roll to the end. Tower approved the request, asking them to keep the speed up. Juan Brown has a good review. Blancolirio Sure sounds like a crew error by not slowing enough for the turn off onto a 90 degree taxi exit. For...
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    C150 or C152

    re. Item #1, make sure it's absolutely cracked. For my last annual the shop found the same "issue" and pointed it out to me prior to replacement approval. After getting the plane and old replaced caliper back I looked more closely at the "crack" and discovered it was just the paint that was...
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    Colorado Pilots Call to Action

    Done. Colorado is trying to out California California it seems.
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    Small plane crash Orlando Sanford International

    Not good, one landing, one parked. News Report Video
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    This is why it's important to check NOTAMs

    Parents with a sense of humor?
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    Floatplane incident Miami

    The video was just posted today, don't know if the incident was today or earlier. Miami Water Landing
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    Garmin 215

    Trig TX56A has nav/com and built in intercom.
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    Carb Overhaul/Rebuild vs. New?

    I can confirm the primer is fully in and locked during operation except when using it prior to first start. The carb is mounted with the lock-o-seals finger tight. Two annuals ago the shop said that the carb was loose and tightened them down, crushing the lock-o-seals. That was corrected with...
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    Can someone translate this for me?

    Can you get a special VFR in regular Class E airspace or is it just for B, C, D, and E surface areas?
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    Missing US Marine Helicopter

    Looks like a search and rescue TFR over the site:
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    Carb Overhaul/Rebuild vs. New?

    Looking for thoughts on MS SPA3A carbs. This is for an O-200 installed in 1994 with over 1800 hours on it. There is oil/fuel that drips from the air box both during operation and after shutdown. The engine starts easily and seems to run fine with good power and fuel economy. Questions: 1...
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    Hangar Collapse @ Boise with Fatalities

    Sad news BBC: Hangar Collapse
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    Borescope Advice

    Which Teslong model did you get?
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    Helicopter Crash, no Injuries-Mars

    Not sure what the FAA identifier would be- Mars Crash
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    Rental Car hint/tip/gripe/trick/review/kvetch Thread

    The van shuttle driver told me when I spent the night there this past June that the Eagles had never been to Winslow, and the Ford had to slow down where the statue is because the speed limit changes. Don't know if that's true, but it's on the internet now so it must be.
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    Planes collide at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport

    This from that article : Investigators will also look closely at how an aircraft could be on an active HND runway for nearly 1 min. without being detected, even in the dark. An ICAO document shows HND is one of many airports that uses surface movement radar—a long-used method of supplementing...