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  1. Huckster79

    Any regrets moving up to better plane

    Well Put! I feel the same! There are days I miss my ol 140... But I love my Mooney- she's fast and comfortable.... I think I'm missing the 140 though as we catch up on Mooney Maintenance- headed to Florida in a few weeks for a full tank strip and reseal that is now into the 5 figures to do...
  2. Huckster79

    Students are "Learners" now...........

    Natural flow of things… the change has been a constant through all of human history. The only thing that stays the same is everything changes. Even within our country’s relatively short history, some of the early writings can be difficult to understand the writers intent if one doesn’t slow...
  3. Huckster79

    Cessna 140 Tips, Tricks, Habits

    Absolutely! Out west in high DA I really used accelerating in ground effect a lot, I’d get her in air asap but then just hang out a bit before trying to gain alt, she performed amazing for the DA and I think letting her “get on step” before hanging on the prop helped a lot. My highest was...
  4. Huckster79

    Cessna 140 Tips, Tricks, Habits

    Yea I remember doing it with my CFI when he asked, but didn't love the feel either, so I'd let the tail rise when it felt ready with just a bit of forward yoke and aimed to keep it still tail low, but I too didn't care for keeping the tail pinned till I left the ground myself
  5. Huckster79

    Cessna 140 Tips, Tricks, Habits

    OP, Capt is right on that. I was so scared of my brakes when I bought mine I had a tough time on the pavement- till my cfi said next landing was his. He put the yoke in his lap and screatched each brake a time or two- and said “see- keep that yoke in your lap and you can use the brakes”. I...
  6. Huckster79

    Will your heirs even want your logbooks?

    I like in my FF logs I can add pics, so especially fun flights w pics I can look back someday n see the memories attached. As to if anyone will look when I’m gone, who knows. No one looks for long no matter what… how many keepsakes do you have of just your great grandparent, let alone...
  7. Huckster79

    Question about Grumman AA1 in regards to density altitude

    Oh and if it’s truly high DA- gotta lean for take off. Makes a big difference. But it’ll make a better pilot out of you! It’s one of the reasons I cringe when I see folks too mechanical in their approach to flying. 1726rpm at this point in pattern then 1475rpm at this point in pattern, etc...
  8. Huckster79

    Question about Grumman AA1 in regards to density altitude

    Respect DA. Flying w DA really requires “fly the airplane” skill- all the numbers are necessary for planning, but you will need a bit more than them once moving. I flew a Cessna 140 from Michigan to J Creek Idaho twice. Fly thy airspeed- fly thy airspeed- fly thy airspeed. May require vastly...
  9. Huckster79

    Thank goodness for ADS-B in and Foreflight

    Regardless you have more mistakes to make… the passion to eliminate them is a spot on goal though, but you will make more as we don’t tend to learn from our successes as much as our failures
  10. Huckster79

    What Are You Reading?

    I’m listening to the God Delusion as well. If you like it try “the Four Horsemen” though I would guess The Four Horsemen would be a better listen than read- it’s the nickname that was given to Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Higgins and Daniel Dennet. It was a recording of a conversation...
  11. Huckster79

    Suspected Carb Ice...Rare Magneto Failure

    Yea I flew the c-85 in my c-140, almost just a 4 cylinder o-300 at least in those tendencies. I put every 120/140 accident report in excel n went through em all to learn. There were lots of power loss after take offs where engine ran fine post crash. That sounds like carb ice is a prime...
  12. Huckster79

    Suspected Carb Ice...Rare Magneto Failure

    It’s all about learning, we all just hope we don’t run out of luck until we’ve gained all the skills we need :) I know folks that only check the mags n do a full run up once a day, even on multiple leg hops. I’m a fan of full run up each time, once used to a bird it takes all of a minute or...
  13. Huckster79

    Suspected Carb Ice...Rare Magneto Failure

    A CFI friend of mine says he’s shocked at how many ppl w some flight training under their belt have no clue to sump the tanks! Really crazy that that’s being missed so much in training.
  14. Huckster79

    Ercoupe crash: Fitzgerald, GA

    Bystander effect is long documented, I recall discussing it in a college psychology class a couple decades ago. The case cited earlier is the classic version of it. You are, and always have been, better off only having 1 or 2 ppl witness the crap hitting the fan if ya need help. I think we...
  15. Huckster79

    Baffle Seals - ok or replace?

    Yea it really helped, i thought ya nailed it till i did the light trick. It was a job of patience but was fun to have nailed it once it was done.
  16. Huckster79

    Best bang for your buck

    There’s definitely some nice Mooney F or below and super Vikings in the price range. Certainly solid airworthy birds even if our paint ain’t great…
  17. Huckster79

    Best bang for your buck

    Yea they really are… insane speed for 180/200hp bird… mine is non turbo, I didn’t want the complication or expense… but if I was doing lots of high alt airport stuff I might. But then again I flew my Cessna 140 in and out of the back country of Idaho twice w 85 hp- just need patience :). But...
  18. Huckster79

    Best bang for your buck

    Mooney may not be fixed gear- but still a great option. I got mine this last spring. I’m sold for a traveling bird and could be a great time builder. I would recommend the F model-but they are all great! The F gives you 200hp, 64 gallons, and a good amount of room as they are lengthened 10...
  19. Huckster79

    Burning a piano

    Back in my real estate days, I had a seller leave one behind- on purpose… too hard to move. Caused quite an issue after closing…
  20. Huckster79

    Hang gliding for first time

    No I think CJ maybe… my wife has his card as they do tips on cash app n I gotta reload tgat to send the guy a tip… he was great-he high fived several folks as we zoomed by and explained a lot to me of how to slow down when we were climbing and speed up when we would be losing alt and such.