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  1. PaulMillner

    Diabetes and the use of Ozempic watch weekly

    I thought the thyroid cancer was a concern from animal studies. Is their human evidence of same?
  2. PaulMillner

    Diabetes and the use of Ozempic watch weekly

    Ozempic is an injectable. In fact, the fancy dose-calibrated pen is the reason for short supply... apparently difficult to scale up production. Most Semaglutide use is injected. There are oral forms, but dose effectiveness seems to vary widely person to person, making administration...
  3. PaulMillner

    Electrical gremlins

    What brand and model of regulator is installed? I'm guessing you have a modern regulator with integral over voltage (OV) protection... but someone may have overlooked the factory OV relay buried in the wires behind the circuit breakers. This intermittent action is how they fail. Could be field...
  4. PaulMillner

    100LL And Lead Exposure

    That is interesting... but this article is even more interesting... not just blood lead levels of aviators, but an actual health impact: a greater risk of death from heart disease. doi: 10.3390/ijerph19105941. Cardiovascular Mortality and Leaded Aviation Fuel: Evidence from Piston-Engine Air...
  5. PaulMillner

    100LL And Lead Exposure

    Well, that's an unfair characterization. There's a lot of decent science looking at the prevalence and effects of lead. Hello Joel, I guess it depends on how you define supply chain. There are currently 8 refineries in North America blending 100LL. It seems very unlikely to me that those 8...
  6. PaulMillner

    100LL And Lead Exposure

    Folks have conducted studies with the data we have... which includes blood lead levels of impoverished children nationwide. Someone would have to fund gathering aviation folk blood data, and the folk would have to cooperate. But the driving force is small... unlike for children under 5, where...
  7. PaulMillner

    Low Temps on One Cylinder

    If one plug is not firing, CHT will be slightly lower, EGT higher as the combustion process will be late, allowing less time for gas to expand/cool. Sounds like valve issue. IIRC that engine requires periodic valve adjustment, no hydraulic tappets. Needs an adjustment.
  8. PaulMillner

    GAMI's unleaded avgas moves forward

    The producer of G100UL will provide the purchaser a Certificate of Analysis that demonstrates that the batch of fuel meets the specification... in this case, GAMI's proprietary G100UL specification. That spec, like the D910 spec for 100LL, dictates properties as measured by about 40 ASTM...
  9. PaulMillner

    GAMI's unleaded avgas moves forward

    I think that's on the GAMI website... the weight of 100LL varies a bit, from 5.8 to 6.1 pounds per gallon. GAMI's fuel will be about 6.3 pounds per gallon, so roughly 5% heavier. But it contains 3% more BTUs per gallon, which mitigates some of the extra weight. If you read the AOPA or Aviation...
  10. PaulMillner

    GAMI's unleaded avgas moves forward

    Yes, I've edited my note... no standard for 100 octane unleaded avgas. They've only been working on it 33 years... so patience, grasshopper! :) FWIW, Phillips 20W50 multi-vis aviation oil was introduced in the 1980's without an ASTM spec also... and nominally required an STC to use in the...
  11. PaulMillner

    GAMI's unleaded avgas moves forward

    As they teach in law school, the purpose of any specification is to simplify commercial transactions... if buyer and seller can reference a specification, it greatly simplifies the commercial transaction. As allowed by Federal law, GAMI chose to use a proprietary specification for their fuel...
  12. PaulMillner

    GAMI's unleaded avgas moves forward

    In Tuesday's EAGLE working group call, Vitol announced that they have begun their initial large-batch blend of G100UL... 1 million gallons... at their facility in Baton Rouge. They didn't share distribution details, but I expect we'll see some of that here in California fairly soon... In a...
  13. PaulMillner

    Alternator Issues - Suspected Over Voltage

    You can troubleshoot this on the ground, though that's not always the most convenient way. It's likely the left regulator is the trouble... but it *could* be a wiring issue. It's pretty rare for an alternator to go rogue high-voltage all on its own. But, do you have, or can you borrow, a...
  14. PaulMillner

    Can an annual substitute for a pre-purchase inspection? If an annual is done before the due date do any maintenance issues need to be fixed?

    What Dave said. The two processes are answering *different* questions. The annual answers, "Is is airworthy now?" The prebuy answers, "How expensive is it likely to be to own this airplane for the next five years or so?" You can be airworthy now, but heading for a cliff... Paul
  15. PaulMillner

    IFR out of airports with no IAP

    I've had ATC try to kill me at least four times in my 6,000 hours by vectoring me into terrain or towers... I don't like that! Paul
  16. PaulMillner

    Toyota is right about EVs after all...

    Given that battery manufacturing capacity is likely a constraint for the next decade, and that 90% of daily use is within PHEV charge range, using those scarce batteries for PHEV instead of Teslas will reduce CO2 emissions 9x as much, compelling…
  17. PaulMillner

    Chrome spinner on a cessna legality?

    I thought there was at least one repair station with an approved chrome process… not that every chromed spinner followed that route. Paul
  18. PaulMillner

    Toyota is right about EVs after all...

    Dunno if Toyota is right until we see the economics of their preferred hydrogen solutions… Paul
  19. PaulMillner

    Henning gone west

    Henning Ludwig Heinemann, born August 1965 So only 58 years old. Paul
  20. PaulMillner

    Is this legal???

    Maybe not. If it draws a circle around the aircraft in your field of view, it should expedite actual visual contact. Paul