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    Deferring Marriage and a Family to fly professionally

    I could have gone the aviation career path myself back in my 20s. I didn't actually got my ticket till I am 41 and now it is a hobby not a job. The enjoyment I feel flying makes me regret the decision I made not to make it a career 20 years ago, but I can't tell you sitting here now if I had...
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    What kept you going through training?

    Still to me reads a lot like you set some mental picture of some expectations of what flying equals and the target isn’t just flying. You also keep kicking yourself and as someone mentioned you show some signs of resignation attitude. Your mind set is that you survived by dumb luck. If that is...
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    So, student pilots.. Who are we and where do we stand?

    For the most part I trust when they say you are ready. Especially when they start messaging on their phone while you fly. I think in most cases when people are told they are ready the instructor had stopped hovering over the controls, and basically you had been flying the plane all on your own...
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    What kept you going through training?

    Hating solo? Most people worry about it, but hating it? That’s different. I mean you should feel a rush after. If you don’t and simply hated it and fear it then what exactly are pushing for? Unless your goal is to keep punishing yourself, why? Prep for xc can be annoying especially when you...
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    Rotax clone from China?

    Foxconn which is a Taiwanese is a huge part of Apple manufacturing. And they do that on mainland China and now moving to India. If you trust Taiwan to make leading edge (and who doesn’t) silicon chips, it makes sense. It is irrational and simply bias view to think China = low quality. Many...
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    Rotax clone from China?

    You know this is kinda funny. One one hand some people goes on about the Chinese system being a barrier to them doing certain things, which is actually completely false. Or there wouldn’t be so much fear about their military build up. And on the other people cheering on the concept of market...
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    Or passing gas while in a confined space? Saw a girl got super nervous about weather.
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    Rotax clone from China?

    Isn’t this engine only for experimental? And people puts all sorts of engines? If it ever goes to the certified market I think you’d be assured? Although even then with our low numbers any new engine will take a while to iron out..
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    Okay, so what would a low-cost airplane look like?

    They already exist. Tube and fabric ultra lights are quite cheap. I think you mean like something more substantial and usable?
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    Rotax clone from China? This Canadian flies behind one in his 701.
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    Looking for other PA-28 pilots to follow on social media

    Well if OP can’t take a few comments here maybe social media is not for him in reality. And posting about CO at night? People are sensitive after the lady who was a train wreck and then killed herself and her dad.
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    T-Hangar neighbor. WWYD?

    Didn’t read the whole thread. Do they lock their doors even? Just open theier doors when their planes in there during spring? Maybe toss some seeds in there. One time cleaning out a nest from the engine will convince anyone to keep the birds out. Although they sound kinda douchey so maybe they...
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    Why has Vashon sold so few Rangers, and will MOSAIC turn that around?

    It would be about price if they can make a cirrus challenger for a lower price. It is sad that we don’t have more affordable planes.
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    Looking for other PA-28 pilots to follow on social media

    You mean work? I thought in todays social media scene work is for chumps.
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    Looking for other PA-28 pilots to follow on social media

    You know he’s a wannabe social media type.. it’s about trying to build some sort of cred and following…
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    Ownership economics question

    Still waiting on that market crash to either upgrade with the partners or strike out on my own. Seems like it’ll never happen.
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    Newbie tampering off SSRI, should I even try?

    Also when these topics comes up, I feel like there is a bit of “get there itis” from those asking. I understand the poster have wishes and goals. However, life’s not fair. You can’t always get what you want. It is also not all fun, games and candy to get your ticket. I know a few people who...
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    Experimental for my business travel. Yes/No

    Hey it’s something to consider. I know ours will not touch experimental.
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    First time airplane buyer

    The high variability of mechanics means that whether you hire one at the destination or bring your own you’ll likely find some stuff missed. We had our own guy went and he missed a rather expensive engine vibration issue, and he also shrug at the state of the exhaust which cost us more later...
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    Experimental for my business travel. Yes/No

    Consider also if you fly somewhere and something broke, who’s going to fix it? Some mechanics are very wary of working on experimentals. More so if they don’t know you or the plane.