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  1. MooneyDriver78

    With the new ACS rules, is GPS alone sufficient for IR?

    For boats, they had to take sights using a sextant. Okay, I’ll get off your lawn now.
  2. MooneyDriver78

    First plane? Archer, Arrow, etc. any recommendations

    I don’t want to brag (I’m kidding, sure I do [emoji2]), but not only can a Mooney do 150+ kts, but it will do it on 8.5 gph without tailwinds. But it’s wingspan is 37’, so no extra room and is a tight fit for some hangars. I don’t desire more speed because I can travel a 1000 miles in 8 hours...
  3. MooneyDriver78

    Alec Baldwin shoots and kills cinematographer.

    I thought he was also a (executive) producer which means he had a lot more responsibility than just an actor reading some lines.
  4. MooneyDriver78

    GFC 500 install quote is outrageous

    The GFC AP disconnect button should stop runaway trim, I don’t see why this should be a big deal. Your first instinct if AP is doing something should be to disconnect it, stabilize the plane, and check for any annunciations and if flying VFR at high altitudes, only then engage the AP.
  5. MooneyDriver78

    New paint scheme - opinions

    One question, how do the decals stand up over time? I would consider losing the flags decals and make it paint (solid color like first section on the cowl).
  6. MooneyDriver78

    New paint scheme - opinions

    I would keep the stripes off the latch, so the 2nd one.
  7. MooneyDriver78

    G5/GNS430W/STEC 30 issues.

    I had this problem, there’s a resister or jumper inside the STEC that needs to be removed or changed to indicate the type of HSI it’s connected to, I had the NSD 360 but the G5 emulates some other kind that I can’t remember.
  8. MooneyDriver78

    Upgrading Saratoga panel

    I’m going to guess 1 or more of the following: They took on more work than they could handle. Jobs rarely take less time than expected, and this can have a cascading effect. They farmed out some of the work: panel fabrication and labeling, in my case they were 2 different vendors, both requiring...
  9. MooneyDriver78

    GFC 500 install quote is outrageous

    I finally got mine installed (1 year wait on parts), G3X(without EIS) , GDL50 and GFC 3 servo install for $30K, but this was a pre-covid price, shop and Garmin honored their original quotes.
  10. MooneyDriver78

    Restoration cost - rough idea?

    G1000s are only for new planes, for most of us it’s G3X or G500TXi. Paint cost varies with scheme, number of colors, which colors, metallic/plain, etc Avionics quotes seem to vary wildly, I think total upgrade with all new boxes, new custom panels…is more cost effective than upgrade a little...
  11. MooneyDriver78

    Best overall month to do a long trip by 140 knot piston single?

    May or October: Leafs changing in NE would be nice, might be some cooler weather but not frigid. Weather is generally good, too early for winter storms and hurricane season is waning.
  12. MooneyDriver78

    First time buying a plane? Piper cherokee/archer tips on buying and what to look for?

    There is no magical tax dodges that don’t cost more than the tax. For example you can register it in another country (big boats do this) but states request marinas/airports to send them list of boats/planes so they can tax them. State tax laws are based on where it’s located, not where it’s...
  13. MooneyDriver78

    Contacting current (female) owner of my former airplane - wanting to avoid any perception of "cyberstalking"

    Using sites like Spokeo you can look up email addresses, phone numbers, relatives, etc. It’s a bit too,much big brother for me.
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    Solar eclipse - how's the forecast for Apr 8th looking for you?

    Anyone have a cell phone? Maybe someone will video the total eclipse and post it on YouTube.
  15. MooneyDriver78

    Solar eclipse - how's the forecast for Apr 8th looking for you?

    Depends on the model, GFS showing bad weather very close at this time.
  16. MooneyDriver78

    Contacting current (female) owner of my former airplane - wanting to avoid any perception of "cyberstalking"

    I agree that your chances of getting a response are much better if you provide information about the plane (pictures, etc) instead of a just a letter requesting what might be considered personal. I’m not a woman but I wouldn’t respond to a plain letter asking about my plane.
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    I’m calling the peak

    Not for us who have been owners [emoji6]
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    Ownership economics question

    Not 6 weeks, closer to 6 months. The bulk of the engine/prop overhaul work is done away from the plane, so can be done simultaneously with other work. Ditto for interior, and it has to be removed for the avionics upgrade anyway, so figure the interior/engine/avionics would take 4 months, the...
  19. MooneyDriver78

    Ownership economics question

    3/4?! No way, admittedly my numbers are pre Covid, I haven’t checked in a while, assuming a Archer; Overhauled engine (new control cables, new alternator) and overhauled prop: $40k Refurbished interior: $20k Quality paint job, replacing the windows/windshield: $25k Complete avionics...