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    Road Bump in Buying a Plane - No Place to Put It

    To WDD...I emailed the FBO manager at VPC asking about tie down space. Like what you said, the answer was "don't have any available". I'm gonna follow up with the head of the airport authority when I see him next. The eye test says there are a half dozen tiedown spots that are going unused...
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    New paint scheme - opinions

    I have 20+ year old vinyl trim on my RV-6 that still looks like new. The aircraft is hangared when not in use.
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    GFC 500 install quote is outrageous

    I have a trim kill switch prominently located to stop a runaway.
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    I think the whole thing, including disassembling the engine, shipping out the components, sourcing all the new stuff, and reassembling it is a 50 hour project for someone who knows what they are doing. For someone who does it routinely, it is probably half that. So $12K of savings/50 hours =...
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    Restoration cost - rough idea?

    The only benefit from buying an airplane and farming out all those upgrades is that you'll know everything is new, you'll have a warranty, and you'll have a relationship with the shops that did the work. You won't come out ahead financially, but if this is your end-all be-all airplane (the one...
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    You think? I have an O-320 that I built for the RV-6 about 25 years ago. I've been keeping up with prices and think I could buy cylinders, machine work (crank, rods, cam, case, cam followers, gear inspection, hydraulic units, etc) for $10K today. Add an oil pump, gaskets, and bearings for (I...
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    Rotax clone from China?

    Who/how is the "middle" class (or any class?) defined? From what I see, the standard of living for both the lower AND middle class is far better than it was when I was a child. So when I see "the middle class has shrunk", I wonder what the metric is for that claim.
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    Any good shops to spot repair filiform corrosion?

    If that was my airplane I’d scrape/sand off the paint in the area, scotchbrite away the corrosion, and treat it with something. That way, it isn’t getting worse while you look for a paint shop.
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    Rotax clone from China?

    You have no idea how close i came to attaching a picture of Dudley Moore...
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    Rotax clone from China?

    I thought your name was Ed, not Dennis? ;-)
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    Road Bump in Buying a Plane - No Place to Put It

    We generally don’t assign profit/loss to infrastructure. If we did, we’d probably shut downs the interstates because they don’t show a profit. Airports are similar - they are part of the country’s overall logistics network.
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    Rotax clone from China?

    Great post. We cannot support a middle class by exporting manufacturing jobs and redeploying the displaced workers in lower paying service sector jobs.
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    First Airventure - Long journey ahead

    First advice. Bring a good tent. That's where people get in trouble. They buy a $89 Coleman tent and expect it to hold up in a thunderstorm. When it fails, and they do, very often, everything they have gets soaked and they no longer have a shelter to sleep in. Miserable situation. I've seen it...
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    Icon Spirals In

    Probably $100k assuming a 4 cylinder lycoming. Then add in $50k for airframe parts and another $20k for odds and ends (you need an interior, a ton of firewall forward stuff). So you’re in for $170k before you assemble it at a shop rate of $150/hr for 1,000 man hours. Now you’re at $320k and...
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    Continuity of instruction as opposed to flight instructor merry go round. Schedule availibility/reliablity. All-in cost.
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    Solar eclipse - how's the forecast for Apr 8th looking for you?

    Same here. Getting there wouldn’t be a problem for us - there is plenty of time to pick our way through or around VFR, but we’re time constrained this afternoon/evening and I’m gonna avoid the temptation to push things. We’ll watch from the back yard. We get > 80% coverage here.
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    Solar eclipse - how's the forecast for Apr 8th looking for you?

    I'm in the same boat, but the weather is looking doable VFR, if not great. I'm gonna take another look in the morning and make a go/no-go then. Of course, I've "only" got a 700 nautical mile round trip to where I'm planning to go (Walnut Ridge, Arkansas), whereas your trip, in a much slower...
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    Things experienced folks observe

    A reasonable solution is to use a large blob of RTV to either create a standoff to keep the SCAT off the projection OR to glue the SCAT to the projection. Either will work to prevent rubbing.
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    Contacting current (female) owner of my former airplane - wanting to avoid any perception of "cyberstalking"

    Find a picture. See if she's hot. If so, send me her name and number and I'll call for you. ;-)
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    sun n fun as a homebuilt trade show?

    Lawyers are a part of it, but there is a general shift in the culture where lots of people are very happy to sue whoever is in sight when something bad happens. 90 year old relative dies of "old"? Sue the doctor for malpractice. Relative dies in a plane crash because he made a mistake? Sue...