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  1. Silvaire

    Citing Valve Damage, UND Drops Unleaded Fuel And Returns To 100LL

    From a scientific perspective they started doing these checks when they switched to UL94 so there is no comparative data for 100LL use. It would appear that they are jumping to conclusions based on a very small number of anomalies.
  2. Silvaire

    Lindberg's Final Landing Spot

    That winding road to Hana can start to feel as grueling as a New York to Paris flight by the time you get done with the entire round trip.
  3. Silvaire

    April solar eclipse

    It makes you wonder what people, a few thousand years ago, thought when this unexpectedly happened and they had no idea why.
  4. Silvaire

    April solar eclipse

    A little bit of last minute advice for anyone who drives to see the eclipse and gets caught in a massive traffic snarl afterwards: If you are using Google Maps it may announce that it has found a faster route. What it won't tell you is that it is 250 miles longer and there are no gas stations on...
  5. Silvaire

    EFBs - New Advice From Our Friends At the FAA

    and we are reading them
  6. Silvaire

    April solar eclipse

    Interesting, this just popped up on youtube. In 1973 scientists used a modified Concorde to chase an eclipse and stayed in the totality shadow for 74 minutes
  7. Silvaire

    Straight ahead....

    That kind of harks back to the days when the pilot was sitting behind the wing like a Jenny or a Stearman but is also apt for a J3 Cub. You just get tossed around a lot more back there and every pitch or yaw movement is visually apparent. You don't get so much of it when you're sitting pretty...
  8. Silvaire

    Which way to install motor mount bolts.

    Well, since the engine is tugging on the airframe having the bolts face aft wouldn't do much for you anyway. At least this way if a nut comes off you have a chance of seeing it when checking the oil. When is the last time you had your head crammed up under the panel looking at the backside of...
  9. Silvaire

    Trent Palmer (YouTuber Bush Pilot Channel) Suspended By FAA

    Is that not true? Is there someone else who can take it away or issue it? And it's not "flying at the will of the administrator" there is a defined process which in this case has been followed. I take it that you don't agree with the results but that's not how it works.
  10. Silvaire

    Trent Palmer (YouTuber Bush Pilot Channel) Suspended By FAA

    Let's see, there was a charge, a hearing, a decision, an if he doesn't win there's no freedom? Does the fact that you have to have a license to operate an aircraft and that there is an authority that issues and governs the regulatory aspects of it impinge on your "freedom"? Explain...
  11. Silvaire

    Trent Palmer (YouTuber Bush Pilot Channel) Suspended By FAA

    Yea well, there's no prosecution here. All they want to do is suspend the license THAT THEY GAVE HIM for sixty days. If he wants to get another license, from somebody else well, good luck on that Trent.
  12. Silvaire

    Trent Palmer (YouTuber Bush Pilot Channel) Suspended By FAA

    I started watching Palmer's youtube channel way back when he first started, maybe 4 or 5 years ago now. He was a complete newbie pilot, quite naive and I thought this guy is gonna kill himself but he was good at videography and created an interesting show with imminent drama. At one point he...
  13. Silvaire

    New to tent camping, need ideas for possible Sun n fun

    "Zero adult camping experience" My advice is buy a cheap tent and try it out. There's a good chance you might just want to toss it in a dumpster rather than pack it up and bring it back home again.
  14. Silvaire

    Trent Palmer (YouTuber Bush Pilot Channel) Suspended By FAA

    Wow this is still going on? If he had just taken the six month suspension it would all be a distant memory now but apparently he's been lying awake nights gnawing his teeth for the past two and a half years over what everyone else sees as a silly "oops, probably shouldn't have done that - lesson...
  15. Silvaire

    Zinc additive by rislone ZDDP

    The whole ZDDP thing borders on a conspiracy theory. Sure you'll get testimonies from people who put it in their engines and had "good results" but then there are thousands of people who didn't put it in with equally good results. It all started about 20 years ago in muscle car forums but the...
  16. Silvaire

    From pilot to A/P?

    When I got my authorization, which was long ago when you just walked into the FSDO, no appointment, no bulletproof glass, you just walked in and saw an agent. The guy I got didn't want to sign me off for the powerplant so okay, I'll take what I can get. Afterwards we were standing outside by the...
  17. Silvaire

    EFBs - New Advice From Our Friends At the FAA

    It doesn't matter what the FAA puts into writing somebody is going to start the "sounds like" "seems like" "looks like" analysis and generally overthink the whole thing. How about just take "guidance" for what it is? No need to villainize the FAA over interpretations.
  18. Silvaire

    Rudder Trim vs. Rudder Rigging Problem - Which is it?

    If you have checked everything and failed to find a problem then you need to start all over because you missed something. I know that doesn't help but it's impossible to answer your question from our perspective, other than to just guess. As noted the rigging procedure is a linear step by step...
  19. Silvaire

    April solar eclipse

    From casual observation and without doing any actual calculations I figured that the Earth's rotation gives you some advantage but it gets less as you increase in latitude so, as noted, it wouldn't be a constant speed.
  20. Silvaire

    April solar eclipse

    Here is an interesting math problem that I'll let someone else figure out: How fast would your airplane have to be to follow the eclipse path and remain in totality from Texas to Maine?