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  1. Abram

    Leasing time in aircraft to a non-pilot

    Thank you for the clarification regarding when to file the lease with the FSDO. I believe that the rule also applies to jet aircraft regardless of the weight, but I am not certain. I had assumed that in this case the Lessee would be a non-pilot, but I agree that most of the scrutiny will go...
  2. Abram

    Leasing time in aircraft to a non-pilot

    I have no particular expertise in this area, but have several friends that have done dry leases of their aircraft and I have been approached several times by people that inquire about it. A dry lease is a perfectly legal and perfectly acceptable arrangement, provided it is done correctly and...
  3. Abram

    Any regrets moving up to better plane

    Over the past thirty years or so I have had six different airplanes and most were upgrades in some way. I used my airplane primarily to support my business, but of course I also used it for personal and family travel, as well. I found that my mission changed with each airplane as the comfort...
  4. Abram

    Eclipse jet

    Hey, there! Great memory! I did fly one for about seven years and 1,200 hours. It has its issues, but it is a great little jet and by far the most efficient plane I ever flew! I plan to attend the owners conference again this year, as well. It is a great group of people all of whom are...
  5. Abram

    How many hours did you fly in 2023?

    Only 302 in 2023. That is down from about 350 in 2022. Let’s see what 2024 brings! Abram Finkelstein N685AS
  6. Abram

    Daily Pic

    Here are a few recent pictures that I took and a couple that people took of me landing. Passing over the House of the Mouse while turning Final for the Visual Runway 7 at KORL. Just found these last two online and thought they were cool! Abram Finkelstein N685AS
  7. Abram

    Daily Pic

    It is really great to watch your career develop! Congratulations! Abram Finkelstein N685AS
  8. Abram

    New to Site - Aviation Author

    That was a great introduction and welcome to the site! I look forward to learning more about your experience! Abram Finkelstein N685AS
  9. Abram

    Winter flying and icing

    Congrats! It is a great airplane. Abram Finkelstein N685AS
  10. Abram

    Winter flying and icing

    Hey, Rudy. That is correct. Some instructors teach that as a practical matter, you should do it all, but that does not happen in actual operation. Abram Finkelstein
  11. Abram

    Winter flying and icing

    You are correct. This is from the Embraer manuals. The FAA uses 0 degrees celsius, but also refers to the need for vigilance at slightly warmer temperatures and knowing whether you are looking at Outside Air Temperature or Total Air Temperature. Abram Finkelstein N685AS
  12. Abram

    Winter flying and icing

    This is a great topic with some really good experiences being shared! I have flown pretty much everywhere in the United States along with much of the Caribbean and Canada. Generally speaking, I have encountered actual icing in altitudes around the high teens and low twenties. the vast...
  13. Abram

    I amti sll going been gone for a while.

    Bob, I don’t know you but this is absolutely wonderful to read! Keep flying and keep your spirit. Abram Finkelstein N685AS
  14. Abram

    Turboprop vs piston question

    At the risk of stating the obvious, whether a turbine is an efficient or effective solution for any airplane depends upon the mission. Keep in mind, the Meridian is nothing but the Mirage airframe with a turbine engine strapped on. Without question, the scheduled maintenance of a turbine...
  15. Abram

    Got a Jet Job...and Some Motivation for Others

    I am happy to answer any questions about it. Abram Finkelstein N685AS
  16. Abram

    Got a Jet Job...and Some Motivation for Others

    Hey, RudyP! I was in exactly the same position as you are back in 2014. I never saw the need for my Commercial, much less my ATP, but I knew they were changing the ATP requirements and figure that I might as well get it, since I had passed the checkride a couple of times with my Type Rating...
  17. Abram

    Volunteer pilots needed--Challenge Air event in Mesquite, TX 4/1/23

    I do a fair amount of charitable flying and I have flown in the Challenge Air event in Ft. Lauderdale for about the past 15 years, including this past January. I can honestly tell you that it is one of the most wonderful things we can do with our airplanes! It is a wonderful experience to give...
  18. Abram

    First Time Flying to Key West

    I go to Key West fairly often from Ft. Lauderdale and have made the trip from Sarasota, as well. Key West is always a great time and it is good for an overnight or just for lunch with someone who wants to do a quick and fun trip. It is a pretty simple flight and can definitely be done VFR with...
  19. Abram

    The MyFlightBook thread

    Thanks, Eric. I will try that tomorrow! Standby…. Abram Finkelstein N685AS
  20. Abram

    The MyFlightBook thread

    As a side note, this seems to only happen on my desktop. The apps are fine, but I always add flights on the computer. Abram Finkelstein N685AS