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  1. Skip Miller

    T-Hangar neighbor. WWYD?

    Contact the school’s Chief Pilot and tell them you are seeing lots of bird activity in and around the hangar, and ask him politely to tell his CFIs to train the students that proper protocol is to shut the doors after moving a plane in and out of the hangars. I.e., start nice. Then you keep a...
  2. Skip Miller

    April fools jokes to do on flight instructor

    Doesn’t work in PA28’s.
  3. Skip Miller

    What a zoo!

    I used to reply “nobody in the pattern except us NORDOs!” -Skip
  4. Skip Miller

    NA: dog ownership + lawn care

    Also helps the tick population. The state adjacent to us is the home of Lyme disease -Skip
  5. Skip Miller

    NA: dog ownership + lawn care

    Also helps the tick population. The state adjacent to us is the home of Lyme disease -Skip
  6. Skip Miller

    Cessna down after stalling on take off

    More likely he stepped back to look at it, spit on the ground, and hollered: “That looks about right! Hop in, let’s go!” -Skip
  7. Skip Miller

    RSV vaccine

    I had the RSV shot months ago, as an overweight adult male age 77 at the time. I had a reaction - just a slightly sore arm - for a day or so. So as a statistical insignificant n=1, I see no downside to getting the shot. Same with Covid shots as they became available. What “Covid debacle” are...
  8. Skip Miller

    What's For Dinner?

    Youngsters! When I grew up, there was no such thing as Cable TV. We had three channels with decent reception: ABC, CBS, and NBC. No color TV, either, until I was about 12. It was not that we couldn't afford it... it didn't exist yet! Oh the horror of the 1950s! -Skip
  9. Skip Miller

    How anti GA is the main stream media?

    Not since Hurricane Ian inundated and flattened large parts of Fort Myers Beach last year. My brother and his wife lost their home, its contents, and one of their cars. -Skip
  10. Skip Miller


    Greg, I have Hydrocephalus. It was discovered when a sinus X-ray, maybe MRI, showed a section of my brain not intended to be imaged. I called my uncle (a very prominent neurosurgeon at U Washington) and he referred me to one of his students. The result was that they measured the brain with...
  11. Skip Miller

    Connecticut flying clubs

    Check out the Westchester Flying Club, based at Westchester County Airport (KHPN). Yes it is in New York State, but it is on the state border with New York State, so very close if you are in southwest Connecticut. they own Archers, Arrows, Bonanzas, Cirrus. -Skip Miller, a...
  12. Skip Miller

    Finding Downwind Struggle/Sweat

    OP = Original Poster.
  13. Skip Miller

    MachE Loaner Review

    But is it grey or does it have a blue-ish tint to it? -Skip
  14. Skip Miller

    And you thought you knew about flying (wildlife)

    In spite of all the wing fluttering, look at how stable the head is!
  15. Skip Miller

    Aviation Insurance Resoures Is Rebranding as Acrisure

    Great. Let's rename "Aviation Insurance Resources, a name which gives a pretty good hint as to what it does, to Acrisure, Which completely obfuscates what the company actually does. Bah! -Skip
  16. Skip Miller

    When does a leaseback make sense?

    Part two: 8. The best leaseback deals are on aircraft that fly a lot of hours each month. A Cessna 172 that flies 80 hours a month will almost always make money. A Piper Arrow that flies 20 hours a month will almost always lose money. The breakeven point on most single engine airplanes is...
  17. Skip Miller

    When does a leaseback make sense?

    An oldie but a goodie. Part one of two: The post below was written by Jason "Whirlwind" Hegel, a colorful and somewhat notorious member POA who doesn't hang out here any more. Regardless, this advice has good information for all current and would-be owners contemplating putting his/her plane...
  18. Skip Miller

    Cold Start Screw up?

    I am just spitballing here, as I have no research or other hard data to back this up, but consider please that the stop/start cars have a fully lubricated, warm engine for all but the initial few starts of the automotive trip. No “drip time” for that engine. That has to minimize the wear for...
  19. Skip Miller

    Amelia Earhart’s Long-Lost Plane Found?

    @DaleB, you have to think bigger. In my domain, there always had been a shortage of 9/16” sockets. -Skip