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    Restoration cost - rough idea?

    A "restoration" will almost certainly be uneconomical (from an ROI standpoint) if you're not doing a lot of the work yourself (or with your own employees that you're paying $20-40/hr, instead of a shop that you're paying $100+/hr. A lot of folks do restorations because they want to, not because...
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    How much have Trent Palmer's legal costs been?

    He is. I'm just offering a perspective of what legal fees, overall, for that kind of proceeding would likely amount to (regardless of who is paying, etc.). No clue what was spent here, but I can't imagine it was only $30k (unless time was donated, etc.).
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    How much have Trent Palmer's legal costs been?

    $30k? lol. Maybe through the ALJ stage (and that's a big maybe). Setting aside who is paying and who might be working for super-reduced special rates, probably $100k in incurred attorney time at least. $30k would be an unbelievable bargain (I can't hardly draft and file a single appellate...
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    Remote sign offs?

    This is the part a lot of people seem to miss. Everyone claiming video inspections would be dangerous and abused is painting with a broad, one-size-fits-all brush. There are plenty of tasks that could be very, very easily inspected via video, and there are plenty that cannot. There's really...
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    Hard to say what people worry about most, but as an instructor, what I see many pilots (PPL and up) struggle with is task saturation and prioritizing. And that applies globally to many of the listed maneuvers where the student has to manage a lot of moving parts at the same time (configuration...
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    Proper VFR Flight Following Call

    On a tour of ZKC (Kansas City Center), several controllers indicated they prefer it all up front. When a random aircraft they've not been talking to calls up, it's nearly always someone looking for flight following (IFR traffic are expected and known, usually). Obviously, there are times where...
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    Fixed gear temporarily for insurance purposes?

    As Mark noted, I was simply pointing out that if first year insurance is too much to handle, maybe it's time to reconsider the economics of ownership. A lot of people don't really appreciate just how much maintaining an airplane actually costs until they start writing checks. There are so, so...
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    Fixed gear temporarily for insurance purposes?

    Everyone has a budget, of course, but when it comes to single engine airplanes, insurance is a very small part of the ownership experience. I wouldn't base purchasing decisions on first year insurance premiums. It'll be a drop in the bucket of the overall cost.
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    My 1st time going into class C at night, any advice?

    Because someone hasn't learned that you look silly pretending to be an airline pilot in a Warrior...
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    My 1st time going into class C at night, any advice?

    You're in a two-pilot airplane?
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    CFI says I can’t use electronic E6B on written — what??

    My thoughts exactly. I haven't touched an E6B in years. Totally unnecessary in modern practice. Good, bad or indifferent, I'm a CFII/MEI and I cannot use a manual E6B (I could probably figure it out using the instructions, but if you handed me one, I can't immediately use it). And for the...
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    How to complete Bill of Sale when seller is LLC

    On the seller box on the Bill of Sale: (Name of Seller(s)): [NAME OF LLC] (Signature): [individual signatory signs their name] (Title): [signatory's title with the LLC (manager, sole member, managing member, member, etc.; would need to refer to LLC org docs to know this for sure); it doesn't...
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    Wealth Distribution in America

    What specific companies/industries do you think have monopolies/duopolies that are price gouging (at least on a broad scale; I'm not talking as much about very niche industries where those kinds of things tend to happen pretty naturally).
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    Letter to the FAA re Digital Clock for IFR

    It's unfortunate, but some people just can't help themselves. I think it's their own insecurities that don't allow them to just use their own judgment on things; they want someone to tell them it's OK before they do it. Of course, that's the same reason Govt. employees never want to make any...
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    Customs trouble

    Cleared customs through FPR from the Bahamas this past Saturday. Knew we planned to leave the Bahamas before customs opened for the day, so called the afternoon before. Got an email with entry clearance about 30 seconds after I hung up with the customs officer. It's a dumb procedure for sure...
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    Another AOPA failure, IMO

    To me, what's lost in this conversation is the enormous responsibility that DPEs are given when they are designated. DPEs, in many instances, are the final "check" before a pilot is allowed to carry passengers (at all or for money), fly in the clouds alone, etc. Let's not pretend like that's...
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    Garmin GTN Installation Level of Difficulty

    Either Approach Fast Stack and/or Ron Nelson ( can build you a harness. I'd use them, which leaves you with a much easier task list of just doing the physical install, running the wires, and likely making only a handful of wire terminations yourself. If...
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    Bendixking AeroFlight (KI 300) and AeroCruze (KFC 230)

    Just don't. A friend of mine put a BK Aerocruz in his airplane to replace a KFC150. It's been nothing but problems, and BK refuses to provide any support to the dealer.
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    Car Sellers Beware

    Must be something like that. Hacked email server, intercept before actual delivery, adjust and send on. Pretty sophisticated operation at that point, but hard to otherwise explain why the email sent does not match the email received.
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    Car Sellers Beware

    If you're wiring money, make sure you're calling a known-good number to verify, orally, the wiring instructions. Current sophisticated scam is intercepting emails and changing wiring instructions to the hacker's bank account. Saw it almost happen recently on a $$$$$$$$ wire transfer at work...