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    Cfi initial training Ga/TN/AL

    Good Evening, I am looking for flight schools or independent cfi that offers cfi initial training? A lot of local places do not have the 2 year cfi available to teach cfi training. I currently live in Georgia but I am open to other states to start and complete my cfi initial training . In the...
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    Cfi ground training for CFI Rating via zoom

    Good afternoon, I was curious if flight schools or independent instructors over cfi ground training for the cfi rating via zoom? I have picked back up my work travel and I was curious if this is an option. I know cfi training is majority ground and foi . This is the only reason I ask if this...
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    Cfi training

    Good Evening, I recently passed my commercial checkride and I’m looking to begin my Cfi training here within the next two weeks. What are some of the pointers or tips from your experience as a cfi you wish you would have known from the start of your cfi training to make you a better pilot?
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    10 takeoff and landings towered

    I appreciate it! Thank you so much! Just wanted to make sure I didn’t need to make any additional flights prior to checkride. Thank you
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    10 takeoff and landings towered

    5 hours in night VFR conditions with 10 takeoffs and 10 landings (with each landing involving a flight in the traffic pattern) at an airport with an operating control tower. I doesn’t say takeoff/landing have to be in the same flight. It states the landings involved in the traffic pattern...
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    10 takeoff and landings towered

    Asking strictly off of solo time! Do the 10tko/landings have to be all in the same flight or if I’m training at a towered airport and I’ve made SOLO 10 night landings in the pattern after my private license over time SOLO does that count towards my 10 night landings? Thanks
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    Commercial training, realistically!

    Thanks for your reply. A buddy of mine and were talking about the 50 hours of simulator. We were honestly trying to figure out what could you possibly do in 50 hours of sim towards commercial.
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    Commercial training, realistically!

    Sorry, can you truly learn maneuvers in a redbird. I’m honestly trying to figure out what are you doing (up to 50 hours) in a redbird simulator or just a simulator for commercial training.
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    Independent CFI’s in Nashville

    Following this post, Jwn is right up the road from me.
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    Commercial training, realistically!

    Once again, thank you all for your feedback!
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    Commercial training, realistically!

    This is good to know. Thank you!
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    Commercial training, realistically!

    I appreciate you all for posting and giving your honest opinions.
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    Commercial training, realistically!

    Can you truly learn the maneuvers in 10 hours in a single engine airplane? Lazy 8s ,chandelles, steep spiral , 8s on pylon and power off 180s? Can these maneuvers truly be completed in about 10 hours? Can you really learn to fly commercial maneuvers in a redbird simulator? Looking at it...
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    Flight schools best rates

    I’ve recently come across two flight schools that have really great rates for training and rental. A/c hourly rate: Rocky Mountain flight school with c150 and c172 ranging from 90 - 135 dollars an hour KBJC North Little Rock air: pipers ranging from 85 -125 an hour. KORK What other...
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    Flight school located on short field or grass strip

    Looking for flight schools that have short runways that offer flight training at their home airport! Airports that have runways less than 3500ft. Also, looking for flight training on grass strips. Similar to : Twin oaks- 2500ft Sky park - 2400 ft Thank you in advance!
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    Air Trek North, venture north, craft chs accelerated commercial

    Good Afternoon, have anyone gone through Air Trek North, venture north or craft chs accelerated commercial course before? I would love to hear your insight. I’m looking them up online. What other programs have accelerated commercial? Thank you
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    Accelerated Commercial Training

    Georgia is the location. I’ve called an asked around but no one offers it in my area. I know there is a school in Iowa that offer the program and they will book a DPE that weekend. I was just curious about other locations that may offer the same program.
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    Accelerated Commercial Training

    Good Afternoon, What schools offer Accelerated commercial training? -In search of a flight school where you can take the commercial-asel checkride! -location -reviews
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    Accelerated CFI training

    Which school did you attend for accelerated cfi training? Looking for information on personal experiences, pros and cons of accelerated cfi training? How much studying did you complete before training? Were you successful within 10-14 days in the accelerated course? Dpe availability for...
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    FCC radio license

    looking for information to apply for the fcc radio license! Thank you