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  1. Dana

    Does AvGas 100LL hurt paint?

    It may stain it blue, but it doesn't seem to attack the paint... though it might depend on the paint chemistry.
  2. Dana

    Why are Rotax engines limited to 150/160hp?

    Sorry, typo... I meant to say, "Rotax established a name with their 2-strokes..."
  3. Dana

    Deferring Marriage and a Family to fly professionally

    If you're not sure, she probably isn't the right one... or you're not. My wife (nearly 40 years now) never had a high paying job, and was happy being a stay at home mom when the kids were young, and I/we think that was best for our kids, too. But I never had any interest in flying for a living.
  4. Dana

    Why are Rotax engines limited to 150/160hp?

    Rotax started and established a name with their 2-strokes (which despite 2-strokes bad reputation had a reliability close to 4-strokes when operated properly). Then they developed the 91x series, which are at least as reliable as a Lycosaur. I would expect they'll move into larger engines when...
  5. Dana

    Alec Baldwin shoots and kills cinematographer.

    No "might" about it. You, I, and any gun person knows this. Muzzle discipline becomes automatic. But it's not automatic for an anti-gun Hollywood liberal who was never taught this... it could be like a young child who finds Dad's hidden gun and shoots his friend; it's the parent who's at...
  6. Dana

    Wire vs synthetic rope; hangar doors

    Synthetic rope will stretch, and it's not very abrasion resistant.
  7. Dana

    What kept you going through training?

    For me motivation wasn't a problem. I enjoyed each and every lesson from start to finish, whether difficult or easy, all I wanted to do was fly. I realize that probably doesn't help the OP. If you're not enjoying it, take a break or maybe book a lesson or two in something completely different...
  8. Dana

    Next word that comes to mind...

  9. Dana

    Next word that comes to mind...

  10. Dana

    Alec Baldwin shoots and kills cinematographer.

    People who use guns for target shooting or hunting are generally imbued with the safety culture, i.e. "never point a gun at anything you don't intend to kill", and "keep your finger off the trigger until you intend to pull it." It becomes second nature (or should). It's harder to fault...
  11. Dana

    Which torque wrench?

    I had only clickers, but bought an electronic one (beeper) because it displays the torque as you go, which is necessary when checking / retorquing wood prop bolts. And for other things I really like the beep...beep..beep-beep-beeeeeep as you reach the target.
  12. Dana

    Why has Vashon sold so few Rangers, and will MOSAIC turn that around?

    The big question for me is just when will MOSAIC happen? I know nobody really knows, but its timing will affect some decisions I have to make in the not too distant future.
  13. Dana

    Why has Vashon sold so few Rangers, and will MOSAIC turn that around?

    There is definitely some bias, but it's mostly from a few select people whose opinion about anything else I don't value, either.
  14. Dana

    Seaplane in the Caribbean?

    I get the impression that there are very Caribbean locations that allow seaplanes. Jimmy Buffet recounted having lots of trouble trying to fly his Albatross around, had to land at airports on most of the islands.
  15. Dana

    Which torque wrench?

    You didn't include 1/4" for the small stuff... I have one of those (clicky), a 3/8 beeper, and two 1/2 clickys.
  16. Dana

    How much have Trent Palmer's legal costs been?

    Pretty sure he makes a decent bit from his YouTube channel. And the publicity gets him even more "likes and subscribes". And the legal fees may be deductible as a business expense.
  17. Dana

    Flying a Student Pilot’s Airplane

    That is correct.
  18. Dana

    Remote sign offs?

    Yes, but that's very different from a condition inspection, which is the experimental version of an annual.
  19. Dana

    Flying a Student Pilot’s Airplane

    If the aircraft is LSA, no medical is needed.
  20. Dana

    PPL still the way to go under MOSAIC?

    The Miata was "my" only car for quite awhile, but I did have access to my wife's car. But you need a car, most of don't need an airplane.