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    Is Dan Gryder the biggest asset to aviation on youtube?

    That was my first guess. I'll have to watch it this weekend. Never go full r.....
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    Is Dan Gryder the biggest asset to aviation on youtube?

    What is it? I have two in mind but haven't seen either of them.
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    My 1st time going into class C at night, any advice?

    I did ALL of my training out of a class C, kaus. Of course that was 20 + yrs ago...but was worth it. Never feared the radio or mixing with the pros.
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    Pm you.
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    I'm an engineer at StandardAero, we overhaul J85 (T38) eng9nes and T56/AE2100 (C130) engines. J85: a single rivet will damage several blades on moat compressor stages. Might ding the turbine blades too. Usually keeps running, but can cause compressor stall and they'll remove the engine and...
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    Radia Windrunner

    I don't think it looks too bad for performance. Blades are big, but not too heavy. Looks like a long boxy super guppy. That plane has "tiny" wings for its size but does just fine.
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    FIKI cert Mooney adequate for regular winter trips to Newfoundland and Labrador from New England?

    Turbo FIKI Mooney with TKS should be fine. As good as any other single piston wet wing. But I'd be chicken to do it often. Former Mooney engineer and pilot.
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    Mooney Acclaim Still Has a Single Door?

    As stated, the Ultras had two doors. We made about 30 of them. That's all. Good luck if you need a replacement lh door.
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    SXSW flow restrictions? KAUS

    Your title, it's SXSW. South by....
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    This is why it's important to check NOTAMs

    Dr. Donald Mallard, NCIS. IYKYK.
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    Joined the 'Declared an Emergency' Club

    As a former Mooney engineer (best years of my life--working in Kerrville at Mooney) it would take 2 guys to remove cowls, fix cable, and reinstall cowls in about 2 hours. 5 mx hours is reasonable. Price per hour not withstanding... ..
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    Joined the 'Declared an Emergency' Club

    Ony thought I have is use the red knob to reduce engine power in the landing instead of electrical.
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    Youtube Pilot and her dad perish in TN

    Remember also, the forked dr killer was v tail Bonanza that above one, they were able to remove the v tail surfaces by pulling. This strait tail debonair may have had control forces she couldn't overcome when pulling enough to break the tail, but still the same condition (diving or spiral dive)...
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    Can I charter a TBM for a weekend?

    Not looking to rent, chartering with a pilot and see how the operation is. Just want to know the experience if possible before striving for something that may or not be what I expect.
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    Can I charter a TBM for a weekend?

    I was just day dreaming, and wondered how someone would go about chartering a turboprop for a weekend trip to see if it fits the mission? I don't have the means to own one now, but to try it would be a fun weekend holiday- sometime in the next year or so, and see how it fits (or not). Could I...
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    welcome aboard.
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    Next word that comes to mind...

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    PA-28-180 3 Fatalities Mertzon Texas 11-26-23

    It was cold and rainy, surface wind out of north and overriding clouds from west. At least in Central TX, but weather was pretty similar from San Angelo to here. His last flight aware track from NM to ft Stockton looked like scud running along I 10 .
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    PA-28-180 3 Fatalities Mertzon Texas 11-26-23

    I looked at some flightaware track from earlier in the day, flight to I 10. It didn't look good. They were based just 15 miles from here. Weather was crappy that day.