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  1. Kitch

    Gold Seal IFR course- anything else needed?

    I preferred Blockalls brand of foogles. FWIW The latest version of the digital terminal procedures supplement. I spent a ton of time in this pub at my cfii's recommendation. The information was in it for the majority of my oral exam.
  2. Kitch

    Best overall month to do a long trip by 140 knot piston single?

  3. Kitch

    Best overall month to do a long trip by 140 knot piston single?

    Another vote for September. I love flying anytime, but fall is second to none in my book. FWIW the week after labor day is when we do our annual trip from MA to MO.
  4. Kitch

    ForeFlight Flight Plan “Notifications” - Where?

    Can you find it in your heart to forgive me. :p
  5. Kitch

    ForeFlight Flight Plan “Notifications” - Where?

    4 of them are in the messages in the top right corner
  6. Kitch

    Bipolar plane owner

    Writing checks sucks.... Waiting for the airplane to be done sucks.... Unexpected setbacks suck..... That sunset flight after you get it back... That weekend trip that only makes sense because you can get there quicker by air... That long cross country trip instead of riding cattle class...
  7. Kitch

    Partial panel in glass cockpit

    When I did my instrument checkride last July we talked about different system failures during the oral. On the flight it was dim the G1000 PFD switch to reversionary mode and fly the approach using the MFD (which will make you kind of cross eyed after a while)
  8. Kitch

    Wealth Distribution in America

    An interesting discussion nonetheless, and surprisingly civil for 7 pages. I’m impressed :D
  9. Kitch

    Wealth Distribution in America

    I haven’t done any research, but I find it hard to believe there is any more wealth disparity or income inequality today than there was during the gilded age or the depression era.
  10. Kitch

    Wealth Distribution in America

    Bingo. If it wasn’t for a handful of multimillion/billion dollar companies that need grunts like me and my guys to haul freight and repair broken trucks I would not be living a life that exceeds my wildest dreams. Man I love America
  11. Kitch

    Wealth Distribution in America

    Very interesting thread and perspectives. My grandfather drove a truck all his life. They lived modestly. Lived in the same house they bought in 1969 drove a stripped down chevy pickup truck and retired at 70 and did nothing but mow his grass for the next 16 years very comfortably. The keeping...
  12. Kitch

    Daily Pic

    The dog looks unimpressed by your skill....:biggrin:
  13. Kitch

    What's For Dinner?

    A big piece of baked haddock with a little ghee and ritz crumbs, pile of steamed broccoli, and coleslaw.
  14. Kitch

    NA- pulled back muscle. How to prevent it from happening again?

    Basic dude stuff.... I love Pat Mac I'm with ateamer on this one. Nothing has made me feel better as I age as lifting & throwing heavy things. My guilty pleasure though is deadlifting just pulled 315lb for the 1st time in years next stop 405 by July
  15. Kitch

    OXB Pirep

    Thanks for the info!! Hopefully we will be able to make it happen towards the end of the month.
  16. Kitch

    OXB Pirep

    Thinking about heading down to OXB end of the month for a quick weekend trip. Any pireps on best place to stay on the beach, any must do's while there as far as food or attractions are concerned.
  17. Kitch

    Got my ticket punched (again)!

    Congrats !!
  18. Kitch

    Dealing with a crisis(?) of confidence

    I haven't been flying as much as I want to since November (because life) I went up for a quick rip Sunday afternoon. 1st approach I was high and fast 2nd approach I was high and fast. Lucky for me the 206 is very docile pull the power add in flaps 40 and glide right down. However the AAR in my...
  19. Kitch

    Where can I get a custom Hat made? is who I use. A little pricey, but I'm a hat guy and my hats MUST fit perfectly or they get voted off the island.
  20. Kitch

    Daily Pic

    Finally got the 1st 1.7 of 2024 in the books. Just out goofing around Cape Cod with no place to go with that headwind.