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    Gold Seal IFR course- anything else needed?

    If OP wears glasses then these clip-ons are pretty good. ASA Overcasters (amazon) X-Plane 12 with PilotEdge is really helpful to work on navigation, procedures and talking to ATC. A lot cheaper than doing it in the plane.
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    What's the best way to start instrument training?

    Do you know of any resources to teach how to quickly and effectively trim? Also, it's one thing to trim in stable conditions and quite another when it's turbulent.
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    MOSAIC rule to be published on 7/24

    Quickly scanning through the document but it looks pretty good so far. Increasing weight limits to 3,000lbs, speeds to 250 knots, constant speed propellers and retractable gear. Certification standards between EAB and certificated standard category. Support for IFR...
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    IFR with summer thunderstorms question

    In our EAA IFR meetup last night it was mentioned over and over how this info is historical data and not the situation at that moment. Consensus was you have to leave a big buffer between you and the storm cells because the picture you see on the screen is not accurate.
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    Gem from recurrent training

    Surprised Garmin or Dynon haven't put together inexpensive avionics stacks to sell to flight schools for training. Familiarizing students with their buttonology would lead to more sales down the line.
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    VOR / ILS endorsement?

    Is there any timeframe for when this update might come out? Instrument Rating - Airplane ACS draft
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    Is adding vor worth it?

    Speaking of GPS interference, the eastern seaboard will be seeing a couple GPS interference tests over the next several weeks. Fort Bragg, NC - Patuxent River, MD -...
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    Noisy transmit on both coms

    I had a receive problem on my COM. Mostly worked, sometimes got static, other times no indication I was missing calls. Avionics shop tracked it down to the hole for the COM jack was a bit too big and the nylon washer wasn't always able to keep the jack from touching the metal panel.
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    Power configuration settings in the pattern

    Am unfamiliar, what does a "cooperate to graduate" situation mean?
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    Crossing The Appalachians

    My VFR experience has been the southwest area of PA can been problematic with lower clouds coupled with higher terrain. Sometimes not enough space to fly between them.
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    Got “thrown out” of an airport today

    One of the planes I used to rent would slowly pull the throttle handle in to the firewall. Without constant monitoring, the engine would work itself to full throttle. Don't know if that's something it always did or a problem that developed over time. But I can't imagine getting out of the...
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    No oil filters available.....

    Try some local parts suppliers as well. Got lucky a couple months ago that way. Just had to fly into a small field with short runway, but it was worth it.
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    Aargh! How do you manage ramp life in the winter?

    Ok, an update. So after leaving it overnight in a heated hangar, we pulled it out into 40 degree weather and it started right up with no problems. FBO thinks my problems were just due to not preheating when the temps had been below freezing overnight. Thank you to everyone posting about their...
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    Aargh! How do you manage ramp life in the winter?

    I'm in the mid-atlantic region, think VA, MD, WV. Flying a VANS RV-9A with Lycoming O-320 and an Enersys Odyssey Extreme battery, which should be an AGM according to their docs. Oil is Philips XC 20W50. I did not build the plane and don't have a mechanical background ... but I am teachable...
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    Aargh! How do you manage ramp life in the winter?

    The long days and generally good weather during the summer months made it easy for me to fly a couple times per week. My biggest worry about the plane being parked on the ramp was making sure to clean the bird poop off. Well with winter temps dropping below freezing at night, much shorter...
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    Cold, hard, non-sugar-coated answers please. How many hours before a student should move on?

    Definitely try flying with a different CFI, maybe even from a different school. An older CFI who has seen many different types of students over the years may be able to give you another perspective.
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    Nerdy transponder question

    We've run into this sort of problem with 640 KB RAM and IPV4 computer network addresses where we *thought* those would be more than enough. I wonder if we'll see a day when more than 4096 aircraft are flying within a Center's area. If drones will need individual transponder codes I could see...
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    Will an airplane engine failure on takeoff cause an aerodynamic stall?

    No, it will have reduced lift but not a stall. "It is important for the pilot to understand that a stall is the result of exceeding the critical AOA, not of insufficient airspeed."
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    LAX area shut down, again.

    Those of you thinking that presidents spending weekends at camp david is great ... don't live in the area affected by that TFR. For those of us that have been affected, it's a normal TFR with possibilities of restricting takeoffs at intermediary airports (outside the TFR) during the time that...
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    Will an airplane engine failure on takeoff cause an aerodynamic stall?

    From wikipedia: "a stall is a reduction in the lift coefficient" From FAA: "... above a wing's critical AOA ... which reduces lift and increases drag. This condition is a stall" Do we have different definitions of a stall?