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  1. Gilbert Buettner

    Sea plane landings - who governs the water ?

    A few years ago, someone landed on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Minnesota has to be the friendliest place for seaplane pilots. It took the authorities some time to find the right violation to charge: operating a motor vehicle inside a park not on an approved roadway. (Or something like that...
  2. Gilbert Buettner

    Aviation License Plates

    I spent a year learning to fly in Arizona. Never saw IMC until they sent me to Kansas.
  3. Gilbert Buettner


    The examiner we often use makes it a point that the object is not touch down as gently as possible, but to do so as slow as possible.
  4. Gilbert Buettner

    My Glider Club Impressions...

    You may be a bit too sensitive, but most of us are white guys and really don't know how that may feel.
  5. Gilbert Buettner

    Piper Dakota Down in Muncie

    Some medevac operations are restricted to VFR conditions.
  6. Gilbert Buettner

    A10 to A20??

    Funny, I read the title and thought you were asking about an A-10 fighter flying into Kalamazoo (AZO).
  7. Gilbert Buettner

    Etiquette for establishing 2 way radio-communication at delta

    I listen. If the tower is busy, I usually do the abbreviated call so the controller can reply when able. If not busy, I do the entire request.
  8. Gilbert Buettner

    Tailwheel PPL training near Akron, Ohio

    I agree with Ron. I can think of only one tailwheel primary school here in Wisconsin, although there are many places where you can get the endorsement after you have your private certificate. I did mine in one day at Cadillac, Michigan in a J-3. Where I work now, only the chief pilot does...
  9. Gilbert Buettner

    PSI testing question - ID

    Are there places in Wisconsin that require an emissions test? Not here in Wausau.
  10. Gilbert Buettner

    PSI testing question - ID

    I was in the Air Force stationed in Kansas, and purchased a car and registered it there. Kansas law required me to have a Kansas driver license. I also had a vehicle with a Wisconsin license plate and had a Wisconsin driver license. Home on leave, I went to renew my Wisconsin driver license...
  11. Gilbert Buettner

    PSI testing question - ID

    Why not call the testing center and ask them?
  12. Gilbert Buettner

    Using Old Logbook for Endorsements?

    Any written record is fine. I like to print endorsements on stickers and find a place, any place, to put them in a logbook. Or do the electronic suggestion above.
  13. Gilbert Buettner

    My 1st time going into class C at night, any advice?

    No biggie. Get the weather. Call Approach and let them know you have the ATIS. They give you a transponder code, enter it... they say "radar contact" and confirm your distance and altitude. Let them know what you want to do and look for the airport. Let them know when you have it in sight...
  14. Gilbert Buettner

    T-Hangar neighbor. WWYD?

    True, but I have rented seven different hangars over the years. All were bifold doors, but a couple of them had chains you needed to pull to move a counterweight. As for leaving the hangar door open, sure, I have done that many times. Why not? But these days I am flying airplanes I don't...
  15. Gilbert Buettner

    Wrecked more than one plane

    There was a guy in Kalamazoo who landed gear up three times. I always wondered why folks would fly with him after the first two.
  16. Gilbert Buettner

    runup area. WWYD?

    I recall George Braly of GAMI fame discussing how they put a couple of cameras and tufts of yarn all over the engine in a Bonanza and discovered that doing the runup with a tailwind actually was a better procedure. Of course, we should always be aware of where the propwash is going.
  17. Gilbert Buettner

    Gave an old timer a ride today

    Weather was bad here today, but I spent an hour updating student records and then sat in the lobby talking to my bosses. They recalled a former employee, a weather observer back when the local flight service station had them, that they worked with years ago. They were young and regarded him...
  18. Gilbert Buettner

    Delta pilot caught boozing the preflight

    You did well. I was stationed at CCK, Taichung, Taiwan from late 71-early 73, with a lot of TDY in Vietnam. At the O-club, beer was ten cents and mixed drinks 25 cents during Happy Hour, after which many of us continued the lubrication at the bars downtown. D'ya think anyone flew less than...
  19. Gilbert Buettner

    What's For Dinner?

    In the early days, TV stations could have primary affiliations and secondary affiliations. The stations did not have to pay for the programs. Instead, the networks compensated stations for providing audiences for the programs and advertisers. This all changed when a company called Granite...
  20. Gilbert Buettner

    Am I too big to be a CFI?

    We have two instructors your size or larger. It means some limits depending on the airplane and the size of the student. But yeah, it can be done.