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  1. dcat127

    Thinking about moving and renting out current house

    What state? What are the landlord tenant laws like in your location? I used to own a number of rental properties in New York. With the current legal structure unless you are large enough to have your own inhouse legal team you are probably just asking for trouble.
  2. dcat127

    Windows 10 Help

    Is this a laptop with an hdd? If so I would guess it is failing. Make sure you have a backup of any valuable files before doing anything else.
  3. dcat127

    Calling Dr. Chien

    Do you think he should be flying? Neither one of those possible diagnosis seem like they are compatible with flying. How common is it for primary care providers to notify the FAA?
  4. dcat127

    Plane purchases, gifts, and the tax man

    I don't know how Florida works with airplanes. But if you try the same thing in NY with a vehicle, if the DMV determines that the purchase price you are claiming is not the value they will charge you sales tax based on the value.
  5. dcat127

    CAPS saves a family

    IMO there are a lot of things that get you more safety per buck than CAPS does. For example putting fuel in your airplane... But there is nothing else that is likely to be helpful in as many different situations as CAPS.
  6. dcat127

    What aviation apps are you using? Android version
  7. dcat127

    PA-32 /N8963N Down Feb 24,2024

    Class G no, nor would there be any point. KJRO is not a surface class E airport, so again, SVFR would be of little value.
  8. dcat127

    PA-32 /N8963N Down Feb 24,2024

    KJRO is non towered, so probably not.
  9. dcat127

    PA-32 /N8963N Down Feb 24,2024

    I keep thinking about this accident, and what I can learn from it. I think we can all agree that the weather at the time of the accident was such that the flight should not have been attempted. When I check the weather along their route it seems that had they been able to make it the first 25...
  10. dcat127

    PA-32 /N8963N Down Feb 24,2024

    The latest track on flight aware was on 2-13. I believe that was a different flight.
  11. dcat127

    PA-32 /N8963N Down Feb 24,2024

    METAR KJRO 241635Z AUTO 34009G17KT 1 3/4SM -SN OVC012 M01/M02 A2991 RMK AO2 Not exactly weather that a pilot without an instrument rating should be flying in...
  12. dcat127

    This is the kind of work AOPA should be doing

    Actually I did watch it. I just didn't get the idea that this is something aopa would be good at.
  13. dcat127

    Hypothetical tax question

    No, typically not, unless you own a business that can justify it as a business expense. Which if you are asking is probably no. Large purchases of items that could be used for non business purposes like an airplane is one of the first things an auditor will be looking for.
  14. dcat127

    This is the kind of work AOPA should be doing

    Um, you mean they should making videos saying we should contact our congressmen?
  15. dcat127

    Borescope Advice

    No, I think the correct term is articulating head. They have knob that allows you to rotate the head. With this one it would be very hard to point it in the correct direction
  16. dcat127

    Borescope Advice

    It doesn't appear that that one has a turn able head. Not sure that it would work to inspect a cylinder.
  17. dcat127

    Beechcraft Baron 55 down in Leyden MA, triple fatal

    KBAF 10:53 10 mi 4900 KBAF 11:53 10 mi 4800
  18. dcat127

    Beechcraft Baron 55 down in Leyden MA, triple fatal

    Why do you say it was VFR in IMC? If bases were at 4000 like you report, they were most below that. Metars for close by airports seem to confirm bases were likely around 4000.
  19. dcat127

    Better weather resources for medium-long range planning?

    I have Geneva saved as a favorite.