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  1. Cykoguy

    Breeze Airlines?

    They do a lot of sports charters.
  2. Cykoguy

    PPR and Landing Fee Nonsense Again in Vegas for Superbowl

    Bingo, plus bringing in extra fuel trucks and tugs from other facilities (in this case probably being trucked several hundred miles each way). Hotels for the extra employees coming from other locations, transportation and food for them (ya know just like any other work trip) the list goes on...
  3. Cykoguy

    Turning left all night

    It's just a stadium TFR.
  4. Cykoguy

    Osh PIREP

    I talked to one of the controllers and his take on it was a higher than normal (at least according to him) IFR departures requiring the higher separation. Said they had 30+ strips stacked waiting a good chunk of Thursday morning. Thursday was absolutely brutal heat and humidity wise. We decided...
  5. Cykoguy

    Katamarino's Round the World flight

    I know a couple of guys that are currently on the trip around the world. Good luck!
  6. Cykoguy

    Who's an Airport Manager on here?

    Would like to be but not in a position to make a career change at this moment. Wanted to manage my hometown airport when they had a change of ownership 8 years ago but the new part owner wouldn't really give me the time of day and isn't paying much. Blessing in disguise.
  7. Cykoguy

    Why does the FAA hate ADHD so much?

    Unfortunately it appears that a significant majority of the board (I am willing to guess 95%+ of them are over 45-50) believe that.
  8. Cykoguy

    Why does the FAA hate ADHD so much?

    Or without arms. Or, or, or. Preach brother.
  9. Cykoguy

    Why does the FAA hate ADHD so much?

    A lot of broad strokes in this thread... As a parent of a child likely with ADHD and in a six month wait to see a specialist to hopefully get some help I can assure you it is not just because he is on electronics all the time or that he is not disciplined. Hell the more I look back I likely...
  10. Cykoguy

    USAF charter jet carrying women's b'ball team damages OK airport runway after unauthorized landing

    Flew in there to attend a game in 2014. Have they fixed the road from the airport to town yet? Dang that was rough.
  11. Cykoguy

    Aircraft ownership rush to Exit door

    I will admit to not being the best at math but to my knowledge the number of new pilots does not keep up with those that are/will be no longer flying. Also how many of those new pilots are in it for the airline career that never care to go back to GA?
  12. Cykoguy

    Aircraft ownership rush to Exit door

    Don't forget the aging pilot population. There are a TON of owners that likely will not be flying in 10-15 years.
  13. Cykoguy

    Getting home from Oshkosh - the long way round

    If you commercial into the area and need help getting to it let me know.
  14. Cykoguy

    Camper delivery + setup service

    We used Outdoorsy this year and it was a good experience.
  15. Cykoguy

    This is why I like doing young eagles flights

    Thanks for flying YEs. Just a quick reminder as a YE coordinator/chapter leader. Thanks to lawyers the photo release is no longer part of the standard waiver that is signed and is now it's own separate waiver so be careful with taking pictures with the youth on your own.
  16. Cykoguy

    Overnight stops from the south

    Woof...Marshalltown. Could be much worse I suppose.
  17. Cykoguy

    Overnight stops from the south

    For you and anyone else Ankeny (IKV) is doing some steep fuel discounts for Airventure.
  18. Cykoguy

    Monday night concert?

    As others have said the concert was all Ford's doing which they have walked away from doing that as well as their big tent. Still an EAA supporter but not doing Airventure at least for now.
  19. Cykoguy

    Camp Scholler Tips

    The areas you mentioned and are in red at the link you provided "excluded from chapter camping" all other areas are fair game. Basically it is 24 hour generator areas, water/electric sites and couple other exclusive areas.
  20. Cykoguy

    Camp Scholler Tips

    Not sure where you saw this but we are doing chapter camping and there was no such disclaimer or guidance different than past years.