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  1. Gary

    April solar eclipse

    Absolutely incredible! In Burlington VT, high thin cirrus, with a few breaks. Son in law had a telescope with a sun filter. The pictures do not do justice to what could be seen thru the eyepiece. The solar flares and Baileys Beads were a sight to be seen!
  2. Gary

    Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024

    Scott, thanks for doing these - very helpful. We are heading to Burlington (BTV), looking good so far!
  3. Gary

    Piper is such a clusterF SB1375D emphasis on 'D'

    I'm surprised at the frequency you have encountered of loose/broken bolts. Since the SB isn't mandatory, how would you deal with a situation where an owner has inspected all the bolts, found none to be broken and all the torques to be correct? Replacing all the bolts per the SB is a major...
  4. Gary

    Who here lives in Eastern Pennsylvania?

    WAWA - By a WIDE margin....
  5. Gary

    Who here lives in Eastern Pennsylvania?

    Oh Yes! It was the major event at the time! Watched it from the lookout on South Mountain, maybe 3 miles away.. In the preceding year or two (prior to demo), the great adventure was to try to sneak in to Martin Towers and roam around a bit. The security there was pretty good... but not...
  6. Gary

    Who here lives in Eastern Pennsylvania?

    Grew up in the Lehigh Valley, left in the late '70's. Now live about 20 miles south. Did like the area. Back then Bethlehem Steel, Western Electric, Mack Trucks and Air Products were going strong, now, a lot of those industries/jobs are gone. That said, still a decent economic climate, good...
  7. Gary

    Thinking about a Bus/RV

    WOW! Ted, that is quite the piece of equipment, y'all will certainly be able to tour the county in style and comfort. Thanks for the video(s), always find them entertaining and fun. The complexity of an RV of that size is amazing, but if anyone can handle it, I'm confident it is you!
  8. Gary

    Buying a Pa-28 140

    I think you will like it! Not going to go faster (pretty sure you knew that) but you will see better climb and it does sound different. The PowerFlow is a far better design with superior materials of construction. Gets rid of that abominable carb heat muff and the rat-trap muffler. IMHO, a...
  9. Gary

    Asheville NC and the Biltmore Estate

    Glad you and Mary got to see Biltmore. Wonderful place, a lot of history and the mansion was quite technically advanced for it's time. A good history lesson for how the "other half" lived in the late 1800's. Did enjoy Asheville - as to it being the eastern Portland - maybe, but still a lot of...
  10. Gary

    Cherokee PA28-140 Forward CG fix?

    Cherokee 140's do tend to be nose heavy. When I first got my '67 140, getting the weight and balance numbers into the utility category was pretty much impossible. Did have it reweighed, turned out it was a bit lighter and when going through all the old W&B forms, an A&P 30 years ago had some...
  11. Gary

    New Zenforo software

    You are correct, I did save the link with the “/community” at the end.
  12. Gary

    New Zenforo software

    Interesting, I’m viewing it on an iPad right now with no issues. Went right to the site when I touched the icon in Favorites.
  13. Gary

    New Zenforo software

    Nice! Displays well on both the iPad and phone. Congrats on the upgrade success!
  14. Gary

    EdFred you suck but I love ya!

    Obviously, pretty far!!
  15. Gary

    Water Pressure on Undeveloped Land

    Not quite enough information to answer your question. So, I’ll run through to scenario’s; 1) Hook up to city water; 2) Install your own well. Common to both of them is the question of how much water do you need? For common residential use, 20 GPM at 45 PSI is more than ample. If you are...
  16. Gary

    Heating Oil Tank Decommissioning

    Pulled/abandoned quite a few tanks. Whether they leaked or not will depend on the original quality of the tank, local soil conditions and whether water got into them (usually does). Were the tanks registered? Some states require that, others do not. If no leaks - you are good! Not a fan of...
  17. Gary

    Vibrating Load Meter..after installing new battery

    Have had this issue a few times as well ('67 PA28-140). Lots of good trouble shooting advice above. In my case, one time it was a bad voltage regulator. All the other times it was a loose/corroded connection somewhere in the circuit. Best I can tell you is to start by checking, cleaning and...
  18. Gary

    Katie’s at CGE closing

    That is sad. Was always a nice place for breakfast/lunch. Maybe someone will restart the restaurant.
  19. Gary

    Mid-Atlantic PoA lunch

    Weather not being cooperative. Not bad down your way, but 1000-1500’ ceilings up my neck of the woods at time of departure. Bit low for my comfort level. Bummer, perhaps another time.
  20. Gary

    Mid-Atlantic PoA lunch

    That’s possible, will know in about two hours. The Cherokee needs some exercise.