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  1. Aviatorbrew

    Another hard day cleaning "my" B17

    Everything there is static display, as far as I know, no plans to make anything airworthy
  2. Aviatorbrew

    Another hard day cleaning "my" B17

    I love castle, Fly into there, a short walk. The collection is awesome, one of the few remaining b-36’s there,
  3. Aviatorbrew

    Another hard day cleaning "my" B17

    That’s why I left the valley, the extreme heat
  4. Aviatorbrew

    Rotax clone from China?

    No parts, just swap it out with a new one
  5. Aviatorbrew

    My 1st time going into class C at night, any advice?

    C and d are the same, it will be a nothing burger, be prepared as normal.
  6. Aviatorbrew

    Fisker is toast.

    True that they have to start somewhere I wait two model years before I will consider a purchase on a newly released,
  7. Aviatorbrew

    Fisker is toast.

    Who in their right mind would spend 80k on a virtually unknown company, on an untested for durability vehicle?? Same goes for rivian and all the other un-knowns
  8. Aviatorbrew

    Cfi ground training for CFI Rating via zoom

    I would like that too
  9. Aviatorbrew

    CFI says I can’t use electronic E6B on written — what??

    Good luck, Both are allowed
  10. Aviatorbrew

    Anyone buying a Rivian?

    Personally, I would spend that kind of money on an unknown vehicle company, I would never buy the first or second year of a new model, Unless they give me the vehicle to test, I’m not going to pay to be a vehicle test dummy
  11. Aviatorbrew

    Pulse oximeter doesn’t work at altitude

    Sometimes it helps to put it on sideways, not on top of the nail
  12. Aviatorbrew

    Colorado Pilots Call to Action

    I can’t comment they are not thinking about the neighboring states that fly into Colorado airports. Being here in Cheyenne, We fly to weld, Noco Etc.. quite often, they will be loosing money from out of state pilots.
  13. Aviatorbrew

    AOPA Pilot Protective Services article on SI to Basic Med

    Not sure if this is relivent, I knew I would need a SI to be able to renew my class 3, I didn’t have one before but a health issue cropped up. I let the 3 expire then did the basic med, the health issue was allowed under basic med with out a SI.
  14. Aviatorbrew

    Colorado Pilots Call to Action

    Colorado is wyomings mexico
  15. Aviatorbrew

    RR tracks: How close is too close?

    I’m about 900 ft from UP main line, 30-40 trains a day, It’s uphill traveling west, lots of power and full throttle locomotives, they can get a little loud, if we have the windows open at night, When they are eastbound, they are practically silent. Sometimes, you can feel the rumble in...
  16. Aviatorbrew

    I need help. I want to get to 250 hours as efficiently as possible.

    Get your HP and complex, build time in those types also. Complex (retract) TAA, bigger planes than a 172. Quality time is better for a resume Get other ratings also, Glider, tail wheel. Etc…. Flight time plus ratings, more bang for your buck
  17. Aviatorbrew

    Commercial training, realistically!

    I think it was about 18-20 for me. It’s flying, it’s not a race, the more you do the better you will get. Going for the minimums will only get you frustrated. Enjoy the flying and training. This was just for the maneuvers, I did my xc trips a few years before, solo and dual
  18. Aviatorbrew

    Can Part 141 schools accept BasicMed for solo?

    I’m not exactly sure but if your 3class is in limbo, you can’t go to basic med, How I understand the basic med guidelines is , you have to have or have had a 3rd class Since your in FAA hell with special issuances, you may not be eligible for basic med until you get your 3rd class finalized.
  19. Aviatorbrew

    Best way to study for the ATP written?

    Sheppard is awesome but it’s not a groundschool, just test prep mainly. With the most current questions
  20. Aviatorbrew

    Question about night VFR for the commercial hour requirements.

    Just do the 5 hrs and ten landings, My nearest towered airport was 50 min away, fulfilled that requirement in 3 flights