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  1. wilkersk

    Slow Cooked Beef

    I wouldn't think yankees would be all that tasty. Even if you cooked 'em all day long, they'd probably still taste like shoe leather. Hey, maybe that's the OP's problem right there! Seriously, I like the tomatoes and dark gravy. And, I prefer mashed potatoes rather than cooking root veggies...
  2. wilkersk

    Slow Cooked Beef

    Melt in your mouth Yankee pot roast: 1 tablespoon high heat oil 1 tablespoon butter 3lbs of chuck roast, cut into 3 or 4 large pieces (remove the tough band of gristle) 1 large onion, wedge cut. 1 can of diced tomatoes, drained well 3 or 4 peperoncinis 1 package of au jus gravy mix 1 package of...
  3. wilkersk

    Electrical gremlins

    I recently spent a day troubleshooting a 172K that had a history of "electrical gremlins". The A&Ps had replaced the alternator and voltage regulator and that only seemed to make the problems worse. After futzing around most of the day, I noticed that the Voltage on the Alternator B lead...
  4. wilkersk

    Hangar as an investment?

    I'm convinced that (at least around here) hangars are the very tippy top of a highly overpriced real estate market. I recently saw $350k for a 40' "condo" T-hangar with HOA type fees, on a 50 year ground lease with only 20 years remaining. Pre-Covid, it would've been $80K.
  5. wilkersk

    I hope none of you were waiting for the Apple electric car...

    Ranks right up there with the Elio! :rofl:
  6. wilkersk

    High Tech War Fighter Downed (on the ramp) by Low Tech Wrench

    Oh yes they do. And, they have strict checklist requirements for maintenance personnel that are turn-qualed. I'd say at the very least, 3 sailors are in deep, deep kimchi!
  7. wilkersk

    N/A Sandals Resorts

    My daughter and her husband just came back from Secrets couples resort in Montego Bay. They said it was definitely worth it.
  8. wilkersk

    A Socio economic discussion about boomers.

    It doesn't equal infinity. But, it doesn't rule it out either.
  9. wilkersk

    What to take into account when planning flight for a single pilot under part 135?

    ^^^This! OpSpecs are where its all at. ===>>
  10. wilkersk

    A Socio economic discussion about boomers.

    Hmm.... ===>>
  11. wilkersk

    A Socio economic discussion about boomers.

    And if I had been arguing about the affordability of owning your own home in 1982 vs today, you would have a valid point. I wasn't. We didn't have to buy a house back then. But, thats what we were taught to do. In terms of dollars in your pocket, and having money to buy groceries, buying a...
  12. wilkersk

    A Socio economic discussion about boomers.

    Knowing then what I know now, I'd have bought stock in Apple and Microsoft. I'd be a bazillionaire. I don't see how that's got anything to do with so-called "baby boomers" stealing your slice of the pie.
  13. wilkersk

    Narco MK-12D Xmit issue?

    Between Port Townsend and Portland, along the west/south west side of Seattle's Mode C veil, there's several spots where it can be difficult to get approach to talk to us. A couple of things I've found that helps is to climb a couple hundred feet and also to look up the approach frequency...
  14. wilkersk

    A Socio economic discussion about boomers.

    When I was 17, everyone my age that I knew were leaving home, or getting kicked out. They all had minimum wage jobs, or apprenticeships that effectively paid less than minimum wage. And, they all survived by moving in with multiple roommates. Many didn't own cars and got around by carpooling...
  15. wilkersk

    Narco MK-12D Xmit issue?

    With a transmitter that's perhaps not getting the full transmit power out of the antenna, its possible you found a hole in approach control's radio reception coverage. Its not unusual for one controller to be transmitting and receiving on a couple of different frequencies. And, due to...
  16. wilkersk

    A Socio economic discussion about boomers.

    And with that, I’ll just say, ‘peace out!’ -“spoiled” boomer
  17. wilkersk

    A Socio economic discussion about boomers.

    That’s kinda the point though. “Relatively”! I suspect general aviation (as well as some other fun things this late-boomer likes to do are going to get tougher to do(or already are) than can be justified. The extreme polarity of current social moods is not helping IMHO.
  18. wilkersk

    How to set up to land with a dead engine.

    I'm imagining a 74" Hartzell blended airfoil "dive brake" going to fine pitch when theres no more oil pressure to operate the prop governor, compared to a the little wooden 52" prop on my Sonerai.
  19. wilkersk

    A Socio economic discussion about boomers.

    I'll throw this out there. Read this and see what you think:
  20. wilkersk

    [NA] We tipping for shipments now?

    It automatically -->> [CUSTOM AMOUNT] "$0.00" [ENTER][OK]. I do it so often, its over and done before the person behind the register figures out what happened. There are a few I surely hope are even upset about it when they do figure it out.