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  1. Trobaugh

    Air-to-Air Piper PA-28RT Turbo Arrow

    beautiful T-tail! awesome shots
  2. Trobaugh

    Grumman AA-1x Pre Buy Houston Tx

    Not sure if they are still there, but try David or Robert at Clems Aviation Maintenance, they were in hangar 23 at Hooks (KDWH). Ph 281-370-8558. They were savvy with Grummans, did all the maintenance on ours for years when we owned it.
  3. Trobaugh

    So, student pilots.. Who are we and where do we stand?

    Enjoy the journey! My first logged flight was in 1987. I got my private in 2000, IR in 2013, Commercial in 2019 (thank you EAA!) and now I am working on getting a CFI. It's been a long road, but lots of fun. I understand how things can get in the way.
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    Daily Pic

    Had a lovely flight Saturday-I-10 corridor Houston and lunch at the Runway Cafe, TX Gulf Coast Regional Airport (LBX).
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    Planning a trip to Airventure 2022

    Slept int the non-AC dorms last year, had a little clip on fan that I used and it worked great, it was small enough to pack easily. Though, I will say I am from TX and love the heat, but a little breeze works wonders. This year, I sprung for the AC dorms.
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    Writing Pilot Checklists

    HA! I tried using the FF checklist just to see how it might work. I made it to starting the engine and went back to my nice tidy printed one.
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    Rent a plane on Maui or Big Island?

    Thanks, I will check them out. pronouncing the names properly is a talent for sure.
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    Rent a plane on Maui or Big Island?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for Oahu CFI/guide? We are planning a trip this fall and I would like to take the family on a flight while there.
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    Becoming a Pilot

    In addition to the above advice, check out Homepage | Women in Aviation International ( and The Ninety-Nines, Inc., International Organization of Women Pilots(R) for information and help along the way. Lots of great resources in these organizations.
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    Sit in your Mooney / Comanche / Grumman / Musketeer?

    Traveler...Fast-hahahahahahahahah pretty sure I spit coffee out my nose on that one. Loved my Traveler, but then I sat in a Lance and that was all she wrote. Sold the Traveler and bought the Lance. I do miss the sliding canopy though. I'm still trying to figure out a graceful way to get in...
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    What are you flying?

    HA, I was thinking the same thing when I saw that pic.
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    What are you flying?

    Previously a 1973 AA-5 Traveler, upgraded to a Lance II and love it.
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    Famous pilots you have met.......I'll start out...

    Debby Rihn-Harvey, Wally Funk, Jessica Cox
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    Daily Pic

    Had a little night flight on Monday. Sunset-Conroe, TX and... night shot of Lake Conroe, full moon.
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    Instrument Check Ride Write Up

    Excellent, Congratulations! The Commercial is a lot of fun, eyes outside again.
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    AirVenture summary & observations about the aviation community

    Awesome! This was my second time at the show, first time to fly-in as PIC-lots of fun. 2 other young ladies and I took the trip from Conroe so that would be a 0:3 ratio for us. No camping for me, but one of the young ladies did camp. I spent the first 3 days mentoring for GirlVenture which...
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    Now I know...

    Very nice write up-Congratulations!
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    Show off your Plane!

    First Plane: and the new hotness: Love all the pix!