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    Is Dan Gryder the biggest asset to aviation on youtube?

    You can also determine his location via his cellphone and match it with the IP address of the laptop. Yes, still hard to prove he read it, but you have sufficient evidence that he was at his home and close to his laptop. That´s enough for a jury
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    Looking for a 2-place ultralight float plane that can be trailered.

    Is not exactly an ultralight, but check the Aerotrek A220/240. It has foldable wings. (Is the one you see in the middle on the picture below). You won´t be able to store it like that with floats unless you have a barn or a high ceiling garate, but a flat bed trailer should do the trailering job.
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    Kit storage time

    Hi folks. I want to build a plane someday (not decided on the brand yet) but was wondering for how long can the crates be stored?. Since kit prices are always coming up, I'm considering to order now and store it for a 3-5 year period. Is that too much? What could be the risk of storing for that...
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    Cirrus for sale abundance

    With a recession looming, people are starting to get rid of potentially toxic assets.
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    Change of career

    Kind of the same situation here: About to turn 37, wife, two toddlers and just moved into a Manager position. But I'm always watching to the skies and I keep crunching numbers and thinking if I should go and get my commercial license (and beyond.) Commenting so it moves up in the posts section.
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    Looking for a time builder airplane (grab some popcorn and enjoy the show).

    I'm going for a Sonex some time soon. Will probably have to build it as I don't see many already built for sale here in Canada. You like it so far? All good with the Jabiru? They offer the Rotax too, but at a higher price tag
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    Chinese Spy Balloon Flying Over the U.S.

    What if they actually wanted us to shoot it down over a populated area?
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    Chinese Spy Balloon Flying Over the U.S.

    I guess Cold War never really ended
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    Chinese Spy Balloon Flying Over the U.S.

    Exactly. They're probably laughing in chinese now
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    What’s in your “emergency go bag”?

    "Dress for egress" as the USAF says
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    Chinese Spy Balloon Flying Over the U.S.

    If they wanted to spy, all they'll had to do was hide cameras on any China Airlines plane. Just saying
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    Family of Five Flies around the world

    Exactly. Like they want a medal or what?
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    How can I make pilots' lives easier using apps?

    And app that yells at you "look outside!" when you're too much into your screens.
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    Westchester NY: plane missing, possibly down.

    Ouch. So sad for his family and the controller
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    Avionics panel design software

    That's the same I use. It even gives you an estimate on the price (hardware only)
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    A 525HP Murphy Moose on floats

    Yes, certainly took him years to take off
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    A 525HP Murphy Moose on floats

    Agree. Moose's also looks gorgeous with the M-14P engine
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    A 525HP Murphy Moose on floats

    The thing sounds like a dragster. Murphy makes great kits, is just a shame that it hasn't found his sweet spot
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    How to start flying?

    In addition to the discovery flight, start reading some books (From the Ground Up, Stick and Rudder, The Killing Zone, FAA ebooks are mostly free from their website).
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    Worse than a $100 hamburger...

    That looks yummy. And I think is time to update the "$100 Hamburger" phrase? Is probably like $200 now?